Gervonta Davis Stops Hugo Ruiz in Round One | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Gervonta Davis Stops Hugo Ruiz in Round One | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Gervonta Davis (21-0, 20 KOs) recorded his eighth career first-round knockout as referee Jack Reiss called off the fight with one second remaining in the first round following a devastating sweeping right hook by Davis that connected cleanly and sent Ruiz (39-5, 32 KOs) down to his knees.

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89 Responses

  1. Hood Gossip says:

    The ref said he broke his nose then bopped it again??

  2. Pan Africanist says:

    Abner right now: “Whew, that was a close one!”

    • E.G.G 19 says:

      +JC Denton Fool, I’m responding to another’s comment. Are you going to respond to him or her the same??? I bet it doesn’t fit your narrative. Take a hike!!!

    • XGN Mythic Wolf says:

      E.G.G 19 If I can recall that would be anecdotal evidence because most of if not all of them were also beaten by the Americans in general…Mexicans are amazing fighters, but I just think the talent pool is far more deeper in America especially for African American fighters.

    • JC Denton says:

      +E.G.G 19 *tAKe a hIkE* STFU

    • E.G.G 19 says:

      +XGN Mythic Wolf I was just simply saying that most of the guy’s the orginal commenter stated beat Mexican’s, were in fact beaten by a Mexican too. African American’s have produced many greats, but so has Mexican’s. Given that African American’s have been in boxing longer and recide in the country that is the pinnacle of boxing, I would say that’s why they get the major recognition (as they should). Mexican’s and African American’s dominate the sport, so I don’t see the problem here.

  3. Brian Deezy says:

    Loma next .no more padding the record. Since mikey went nuts and left 135 there’s only Kevin farmer to challenge Loma and tank. Stop beating around the Bush.

  4. kev ow says:

    Honestly he will stop loma. Loma got knocked down by a soft hitting linares. I think loma might outpoint him for a few rounds but tank is quick enough to catch him. Loma a great fighter but dont see him taking shots like that especially after linares. Dont be surprised if its like a pacquiao vs. Marquez ko. Whiteboys will maybe kill themselves if that happens. All the whiteboys are going to want to kill me for saying this but its the truth. Loma got holes and one is his chin. Bad hole to have against tank. Dont bring up amateur shit either not the same headgear and based off of points. Not the same game.



    • Luis Leal says:

      FEAR KCP since when did anyone bring up race to discredit Tank?… no one said anything about Mexicans till you did… if a Mexican fighter beats up a fighter of any other race you rarely see their supporters talk trash about the opponents race yet here you are after Tank won calling Mexicans out when it has nothing to do with anything lol… I’m a Tank fan but people like you make the rest of us look ignorant. Smh.

    • #NotSoCoolKidz TV says:

      BayRain Black people are hyping up undefeated fighters who no one has still beat, name a white fighter right now that has a belt?????? Lol That’s why you really made it

    • Joel Johnson says:

      He need a uber now.

    • crayons071 says:

      ??? He said Uber lmao

    • OG Strick says:

      Dawg ????

  6. Drxpinoy 74 says:

    Tank fought a bum fighter not impressive.. fight Loma

  7. Adam 22 says:

    Black American Boxers dominating Mexican Boxers all 2018 and 2019 long:

    – Jermall Charlo def. Hugo Centeno Jr by KO for the interim WBC Middleweight title

    – Gary Russell Jr def. Joseph Diaz by UD for the WBC Featherweight title

    – Errol Spence Jr def. Carlos Ocampo by KO for the IBF Welterweight title

    – Terence Crawford def. Jose Benavidez Jr by TKO for the WBO Welterweight title

    – Maurice Hooker def. Alex Saucedo by TKO for the WBO Super Lightweight title

    – Keith Thurman def. Josesito Lopez by MD for the WBA Welterweight title

    – Gervonta Davis def. Hugo Ruiz by TKO for the WBA Super Featherweight title

    7 wins, 5 knock outs.

  8. Uno Only says:

    Before the same tank haters get on here on all they multiple YouTube accounts saying Tank fight bums remember this guy Hugo has a 39-4 record an won 3 of his last 4 fights and he’s a former world champion.

  9. James Williams says:

    STAY AROUND YOUR FIGHTING WEIGHT YOUNG MAN……Everybody ain’t gonna be as soft as this guy. ?

  10. Pangolinist says:

    Yo y’all gotta stop with this race shit man. Boxing suppose to bring us together, not divide. Who gives af where a fighter from, if they fight give em some respect. Great fight by Tank, Ruiz isn’t a bum he’s a former champ but today just wasn’t his day, Davis just outclassed him

  11. The Shockmaster says:

    Since 1990 Mexican-Americans don’t care what color is the person who won, we embrace a champion when we see one. We don’t see people for color despite what you are told, we love our black brothers and even better when you can beat one of our own. Congratulations on those who are trying to divide us cause it don’t work, we recognize real when we see it ?

    • Jeremy Nelson says:

      The Shockmaster facts brother

    • JD N/A says:

      +HolisticallyPowerful bitch please go to Mexico with that monkey shit ????? yal gangster shit wont matter when you have 12-13 year olds at ANY given time of the day run up on you with machetes and dont even get them started with guns ??? yal really dont know what smoke is and im here in Dallas Tx aint never been to Mexico but my family is and i know whats up.. NO CAP


    • G J says:

      Bullshit. Look at the spanish comments on the Canelo Mayweather videos. The referred to Floyd as “the black”.

    • The Shockmaster says:

      G J

      Don’t necessarily mean that people are being racist just cause they call him black. Maywheather is a black dude get over it, it’s only racist if you make it racist. For sakes Roger Maywheather called himself that black mamba so is he racist?

    • Lacky Parker says:

      Black brothers??? Lol dunno who the fuck you habg out with but everyone I know fucking can’t stand em, quit with that shit faggot.

  12. Faithful is He says:

    Damn you can hear Tank’s punches. He probably hits like a junior middleweight if not more.

  13. oakley smooth says:

    Always fight some no name fighters. Step up the game bro. Weak ass tank

  14. GalaxyZ says:

    Good job tank ?
    How bout you fight another featherweight ? and not anybody relevant like berchelt farmer machado or move up to 135 to fight Lomachenko.

  15. ricci fooks says:

    Wow so impressed… yet another brilliant victory showing off tanks skill set against yet another NOBODY!

  16. La’ Garv says:

    I hate boxing fans yo everything is about race

  17. Saul Herrera says:

    ????Tank fought a freaking rookie piñata, he need to fight a better fighter like Loma!

  18. Attafire Fire says:

    When did boxing became about African American and Mexican…it’s a fight..and it’s their jobs…it doesn’t matter who is who…cut the crap ?

  19. meech porter says:

    Davis is an animal. He’s said he’ll fight anyone so quit that opponent shit. He fights who’s in front of him. This the 2nd time Ive seen him hit someone so hard and fast their brain couldn’t process they were in trouble right away smh shit is scary.

  20. John Massengill says:

    Alright it’s time to move up in weight and stop fight weak ass fights! Tank is a great fighter but never gonna get there fighting these bums!

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