Gervonta Davis Stops Ricardo Nunez in Round 2 | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Gervonta Davis Stops Ricardo Nunez in Round 2 | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Two-time super featherweight champion and Baltimore-native Gervonta “Tank” Davis defends his WBA title in a championship homecoming against mandatory challenger Ricardo “Cientifíco” Núñez.

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82 Responses

  1. Kyle Garcia says:

    Tank needs to stop fighting taxi drivers from South America

    • W Hickman says:

      @david downes my guy mayweather faught everyone he holds the record for fighting 26 consecutive world championship fights he faced 24 former or current champions he won 23 lineal title fights and 2 agisnt guys that are already hall of famers not considering the guys he faught still fighting or just retired the man’s a goat and you can’t name one person he dodged he faced almost everyone while on the tail from his prime (past30) and he did so after hurting his hands moving up from featherweight to middleweight which I believe is 5 weight classes and changing his style after significantly hurting his hands( they break easily) but you keep telling yourself he dodged guys he schooled canelo he schooled pacquiou gave the whole Golden boy ringer a boxing lesson beat hatton beat Mosley and many I can’t even remember but he didn’t just beat those guys he schooled em.

    • Durandisse84 Durandisse says:

      @Ricky stick to soccer

    • macarthur martin says:

      @Dip Set I like tank but he right until he fights lomanchenko or tevin farmer, then it doesn’t matter, these guys he be fighting are bums

    • Durandisse84 Durandisse says:

      @Jonny TKO’d Pedraza the guy who took Lomachenko the distance.

    • Durandisse84 Durandisse says:

      @macarthur martin so if those are the only 3 guys and they all haven’t fought each other I guess they’re all fighting bums with your logic

  2. Ace Bull says:

    Fight farmer next!!!! I refuse to watch any of his fights unless its top 10 contenders

  3. Not a merc btw says:

    There will be no more Burger King shift managers at this rate. ?

    • Bloated Gains says:

      Pharoah 1

      No you just can’t handle the truth. Guy fights nothing but bums to protect his 0. Cornball.

    • Jose Hernandez says:

      Come on guys, sure tank Davis hasn’t fought a real opponent yet but that doesn’t mean he can’t. Every single boxer has had cherrypicked at some point in their careers, this is how you build them up, no one wants to get hurt before they are really matured. I think this kid has a bright future ahead of him and it’s not like his bragging or anything, he is a super decent guy, very humble and had a very harsh life growing up. Don’t have the slightest idea why some people hate him. Wish him the best and hope mayweather’s shit don’t rub off on him.

    • CUTWEST says:

      Mandatories. Learn boxing casual =/

    • A G says:


    • Jose Hernandez says:

      CUTWEST no one has to learn shit to have an opinion. Boxing is not all skills, heart and balls and will is 80% of it, tank has it all. You don’t have to be a boxer or train like one to see ones potential. Call me casual or what ever, haven’t been wrong on the past 20 plus fights and my ideas of matches may not make any sense to many but live and see.

  4. Brandon D says:

    The speed and power Davis has is unmatched, I see great things for this young man.

    • tulighten says:

      B-Rai87 Nunez was a #2 contender and he was undefeated until tank. How tf is he fighting scrubs? He fought multiple undefeated fighters some with better records than him until he knocked them out or got tko’d. Stick to UFC boxing ain’t a sport that you’re familiar enough with to even have an opinion. Tank makes them look like bums and y’all assume they some scrubs, look up the history behind his opponents before making comments.

    • g4meboy13 says:

      He needs to fight real fighters not random ass bums

    • Jeremy Stillwell says:

      Anybody good is gonna do these things to bums

    • Ivan Dunn says:

      g4meboy13 He’s fought legitimate contenders y’all just hate to see Black men win. Plain and simple.

  5. UncleBen says:

    I like tank, but he keep fighting cab drivers…

  6. ya Boy Jonez says:

    “Look at the cocky face he’s got. He’s kinda looking at the crowd like I got this guy and no you don’t.” ??

  7. COLBY JOHNSON says:


  8. Johnny Hang says:

    Can’t be mad at that stoppage. Especially with these deaths. Good job ref???

  9. Shalom Shalom says:


  10. Arman says:

    yall know this guy tank jus beat has been on a nice KO streak since 2015 with 1 UD

    dont call him a bum till you did your research

    • Antonio Acuña says:

      He fights bums i dont think he’s one he got hands and skill but boxing fans not truly impressed when he fights fighters that only their momma knows them

    • Warrior King Ashe.Selah says:

      If you step in the ring, you’re fair game and I’m adding your defeat to my list. Scratch off another another migrant ??????????

    • Durandisse84 Durandisse says:

      @mr logick Jose Pedraza took Lomo the distance that’s who. The same guy that got TKO’d by Tank Davis.

    • Max Bernal says:

      The dude he last k.o.d record was 22-30-3 .

    • Durandisse84 Durandisse says:

      @Bobby Pellegrin Pac Man fought big names after Mayweather beat them. For example, Shane Mosley, Delahoya, Ricky Hatton

  11. Salvador Vidrio says:

    Gervonta is a bad MF!
    Well done!
    You never sleep on a man with that power. … NEVER!

  12. nelq06 says:

    Seemed a bit early stoppage but after last week loss. Great ref.! The kid was gonna eat those all night.

  13. Supa Kid says:

    “It definitely gets his attention.”
    TF you talkin bout Paulie. Left hook had dude looking at the ceiling.
    “That one’s a good shot.”
    C’mon Paulie, quit playin. Left hook had homie lookin like he was about to drop to his knees and beg his baby momma not to leave him.
    Good stoppage. Nunez wasn’t safe and he had too much determination to go down.

  14. Critical Observation says:

    Standing 8 count still a thing lol? I wanna see Gervonta get some rounds in. Congratz.

  15. Echad says:

    I wish they would stop feeding this guy and give him some tough competition.

  16. Two's Gaming Two'sGaming says:

    This guy Davis hold a lot of power at his size lik dam

    • John Leija says:

      Yeah I wonder when he will actually fight an elote fighter instead of the bums

    • hawkman2111 says:

      @John Leija I think hes going to fight Farmer next ,so that should be a interesting fight

    • tulighten says:

      John Leija stay out of boxing convos kid, stick to UFC, you don’t know a thing about this sport, he’s fought quite a few undefeated boxers with better records than himself, gave them their first loss, 2 time world champ, obviously he had to take out a world champ for that, you think he fought bums cause he makes them look like bums, but they didn’t become a contender by taking L’s and he didn’t get where he at without putting in work. When he beats who ever it is that you think he should fight, you’ll say he waited for dude to get out his prime, always an excuse with ppl who don’t know shit bout boxing.

    • Gazella Manami {Officially Sexy} says:


  17. Snap Turtle says:

    Guys are dying, so i can understand that early stoppage.

    • RANCHERO_310 RIP JOHNNY J says:

      Snap Turtle I think it’s because the kid was a tomato can

    • Will M says:

      They have to. The minute someone is consistently getting banged up and not swing back they gotta end it. If the ref didn’t jump in ol boy would keep swinging and definitely KO. And who knows how bad the KO would be for the receiver lol

    • Gazella Manami {Officially Sexy} says:

      Agree with this statement

  18. Jamaal Sabree says:

    1:30 Tank was literally about to end homeboys life. Ref stepped in right before he was about to meet Jesus.. praise GOD ?????????? lol ?

    • DO 4 SELF says:

      Thank you ol’buddy was out on his feet,, the rope woke him up.!

    • RANCHERO_310 RIP JOHNNY J says:

      Jamaal Sabree poor tomato can

    • vezzynet says:

      Praise God??????

    • tulighten says:

      RANCHERO_310 RIP JOHNNY J you would be the tomato can, Nunez was a undefeated ko artists, and he was the #2 contender, Tank just makes his opponents look like scrubs. Contenders don’t get in the top 10 by taking L’s n being scrubs. You don’t watch boxing enough to know about it, so stick to UFC.

  19. Brooklyn says:

    They keep giving him bums give him another great fighter and you’ll see the difference

  20. Blood In My Eye says:

    Everyone who says the fight was stopped early…..Um, NO. Davis squared dude up, took his best shots, and knew dude had no real power. It was over from there. At minimum, ref could’ve given a standing 8 count. Only would’ve put off the inevitable. I will say it’s time to see Davis face some tougher competition.

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