Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Garcia: Highlights | SHOWTIME PPV

Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Garcia: Highlights | SHOWTIME PPV

In a 4 fight mega-card, Gervonta “Tank” Davis scored a triumphant TKO win over unbeaten world champion Héctor Luis García. Plus, rising superstar Jaron Ennis picked up a big UD win, Roiman Villa upset Rashidi Ellis and Demetrius Andrade impressed in a UD win.

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48 Responses

  1. Robert Rudolph says:

    Hector put up a decent fight but in the end Tank’s power was just too much for him. What’s crazy to me is that no one can seem to hurt this guy. It’s like he’s made out of metal or something, like Mike Tyson in his prime. Definitely something special.

  2. MoshJunkie426 says:

    Hector is such an underrated boxer and it makes Tanks victory even more impressive

  3. C Hamilton says:

    Man, we really don’t understand how hard this kid can punch! The fight seemed closer than it looked, but that’s a credit to Garcia’s background. However, when Tank put his foot on the gas, with pressure and more angels, it was just a matter of time. Good stoppage by his corner, the fighter is way more important…there was damage done with symptoms that could of gotten worse or become permanent.

    • Jadin Mallory says:

      @RIZALDY GOMEZ niggas like you just wake up and hate shit blows my mind letting another grown man live rent free in your head like that shits gay to me

    • ktillman2002 says:

      Are you special? I said the punch landed in the area. Which is not a rabbit punch Secondly, that area is the equilibrium that why his balance got jacked up when he was hit. Garcia could see just fine, he saw that he was in trouble and “seen” a way out. The area of which your talking about is called occipital bone. That’s the back lower half of the head. Stop the cap.

    • Z says:

      @C Hamilton Could have been life ending

    • C Hamilton says:

      @Aries Matthews oh, so you must of bought the fight as well…salute

    • 2gunzup07 says:

      @Luis Marcial Vergara Diaz Hector is a sound boxer but nothing special

  4. The Snooze says:

    Solid work by the tank man. Big ups to hector and a speedy recovery champ 🙏 very solid fighter. These warriors putting it on the line representing where there come from and what they do, much love and respect for the name of the game. “This is about our pathfinders the giants of our sport, I am here because of them” – David Tua

  5. Lemar Kelly says:

    Congratulations to Gervonta Davis, well done!

    • Team US STRONG says:


    • Mr PerFect says:

      @tony see again y’all need to stop talking boxing cause you guys clearly go off of hear say and don’t do no reach but it’s good because we need people like that don’t have the information or else the world wouldn’t go around and there would be little use for people like me since you wanna bring Floyd into this really back at his résumé. Nothing but top-tier guys. you guys gone stop disrespecting the work Floyd put in. Ricky Hatton was top-tier. Everyone believed he was going to stop Floyd. Floyd made him look easy Oscar Dela, Joya. Zab Judah. Shane Mosley who’s old ass wanted the fight and went and got knocked out by many Pacquiao right after. Nobody criticize Pacquiao for fighting him? Victor Ortiz, a young and up-and-coming star. Everyone I just named top tear. Then he steps in the ring with Marcos Madonna, but before that he fought Canelo, then he fought Marcos Maidana twice? Manny Pacquiao was on steroids for six years Floyd said countless of times he will fight him if he takes the Nevada state testing but he wouldn’t. Larry merchant made Floyd call pacquiao out after the win over Miguel Cotto. so again do your homework before you start talking son. Cause gervonta beside Errol Spence has the best résumé in current boxing right now. Put anybody’s résumé up against errol Spence or gervonta and I bet money either someone fought them after they beat them or they have a bigger name than anybody you compare on that list.

    • Mr PerFect says:

      @Justread again you guys really need to do your homework. Before you start talking. Now the thing is this he can’t fight nobody better than him because there is no one better than him. That’s first and foremost. Secondly he’s fought everyone they put in front of him and. They all been top level contenders. Since the beginning his a history of lesson since you forgot. He knocked out for Pedraza for the IBF. He knocked out Leo Santa Cruz for the WBA. He knocked out rolly Romero for the WBA regular championship. So it’s not his fault that these people are not on his level. Gervonta on a different level than these guys. He had the guidance of Floyd and that took him to another level so he has a different work ethic. He’s focus. Not saying the other guy aren’t focus but not like him. Like ice cube said on Friday after the next. He got that look in his eye!

    • Mr PerFect says:

      @tony you have no clue about what your talking about. You can’t name one guy Davis fought talking like this. Gervonta is now solidified he fought all top guys. Devin Haney started fighting his left over so watch your mouth. From the beginning tank was fighting top tier. When he fought for the IBF it’s been elite fighters. I’ll give you a list since don’t no shit. He has wins Over. Podraza Francisco Fonseca who Ryan Garcia fought right after. Gamboa Who Devin Haney fought right after. Leo Santa Cruz Who only had one lost and was still considered top-tier. A lot of people doubted Davis in that fight. He’s like Floyd he makes top opposition look like nothing. Now for people like Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney, even shakur Stevenson. You can make that argument with them. But I still would disagree with that. Except for Ryan he’s the only one that fights tomato cans and when he fights tank. He’s going to realize that. That’s why he keeps pushing the fight back. But back to the list for you clown. Mario Barrios. top tier now he was making a name and climbing up the ranks but his name was starting to be mentioned. Isaac Cruz another star climbing up that latter. Isaac Cruz reminds me of you yordenis ugas. If you been watching boxing you’ll understand my reference. Then you got a big fight a fight everyone was asking for. This is like the fabulous 4 gervonta vs rolly. Won by knock out and rolly was undefeated. This like when Roy jones beat James toney. Next is gone be Roy jones vs Bernard Hopkins. When tank fights Ryan. I’m trying to put it in Laymans terms and give you examples. So you understand so you no who the goat is. So you won’t be late when the consider Gervonta as the greatest lightweight to ever live. Which he will be called that. I can see it now crazy thing is he doesn’t even no what he’s chasing. He thinks he’s chasing Legacy success but really. He’s chasing something even greater history books will have his name in there for boxing. As the greatest lightweight to ever live. When it’s all said and done and he wipes out that division he will be crowned king.

    • El Guero California says:

      Who is this clown fight with 😂😂😂😂

  6. Tredawakandan says:

    In my opinion the scariest part about this is I feel it was a 60%-70% Tank. He showed his maturity the most to me in this fight. Not taking unnecessary shots or even worrying about the knockout..

    • Bellboymal says:


    • KillKam Tre says:

      @DAN NYRyan is fast with a glass jaw tank is fast with a metal jaw 🤧

    • Craig Swoope says:

      @A1 it was only 1 highlight for all the fights,it was the highlight played after the fight on PPV last night. Tank was hitting him with the cleaner shots the whole fight. Idk what Tank does to people but the hate and deliriousness is real out here

    • Dominique Wilson says:

      @angel perez he was getting caught. Tank can’t box like that.

    • A1 says:

      its simple reading comprehension… when garcia got hit he fired right back he wasnt phased but after so many hits to the head his brain couldnt take anymore….. what is so hard to understand about that? he was eating the hits but he didnt need to take the hits if he just made sure to move his head more…

  7. James Speller says:

    When Ellis got dropped he looked like somebody stole his girlfriend. The shock on his face, he looked at the ref like “Why are you counting? that’s wasn’t a knockdown!”

  8. dubtownman says:

    Garcia was compact ,accurate and used his jab to great effect.. tank figured out how to negate the jab get in the pocket and started trading it was still close up until the 7th.. then the power combined with the angles took its toll. Again tank proving he’s willing to trade and can take a good shot..

    • dubtownman says:

      @heehop1 as I said if your in the pocket the jab is redundant

    • heehop1 says:

      Actually garcia abandoned his jab. And when he did he made it easier for tank to get comfortable because the jab was stopping tank from getting close but Garcia doesn’t have a really good jab but it was effective for most of the fight.

    • Alexis says:

      He could brawl fuck man

  9. vern dolla says:

    Hector thought he can sit there and keep taking punches to the head 😂😂😂😂😂 dude ended up punch drunk literally 😂😂😂

  10. SwindleGFI says:

    Watching it live I was listening to Tank in the corner and how he’s telling his corner he’s not trying to over for anything and that he was picking his spots, IQ was key for Tank

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