Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia: Post-Fight Press Conference | SHOWTIME PPV

Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia: Post-Fight Press Conference | SHOWTIME PPV

Watch the #DavisGarcia post-fight press conference as the fighters speak after their battles in the ring.

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20 Responses

  1. Ocean Becks says:

    I like his honest reaction, he never knew he hurt him in the eighth and the coach was happy that he didnt wanna continue. When put like that we understand. It was seemingly a questionable victory until this post fight interview. Congratulations Tank : )

    • Dmoe007 says:

      What we all know he was hurt 🤕 he said it after the fight in the ring you must ain’t watch it after the fight he said he knew he was hurt real bad he just ain’t wanna get knocked out 🤔💭☝🏿

  2. Jonathan Grant says:

    Tank gave Hector (a southpaw) a mild concussion from a single shot in the 8th round. Hector was confused, temporarily blind, and refused to come out of his corner. That’s some scary power. In my humble opinion, I don’t think Ryan’s chin will make it to the 8th round.

    • Stash PHL says:

      @Matt’s Horsemanship lol Ryan will start strong until he feels tank power then he’ll be hesitant to throw his fast combos. Which will then lead to tank winning by decision. Ryan will start to run from tank at the end because he doesn’t want to get knocked out.

    • Matt's Horsemanship says:

      Ryan usually throws a lot and I notice with tanks that he stops throwing when that happens. So if Ryan can throw his super fast punches and is aggressive Ryan can win

  3. Controller Force says:

    Tank came out cautious. He finally settled down and put that left hand to work. And D.C. interupts the fight! That saved Garcia from going out it that round. He kept thinking he could eat those left hand power punches. WRONG!! Calvin said it. How much punishment was he willing to take? He quit.

  4. Stephen09 says:

    Wow el tanque dejó viendo luces al androide, sin duda Tank tiene una pegada de mula, devastadora. Pero mi respeto para el androide por dar una buena pelea y ser inteligente en no continuar peleando al sentirse lastimado.

  5. lpdzzlfshzzl says:

    I love tank. His answers are pure and he’s mature and appreciative. Humble champion. Go Tank!

  6. Vivienne Mellor says:

    Tank very humble. I like him and wanted him to win.

  7. Leonard Chiposi says:

    Tank real disrespectful giving a grown man CTE while looking around during the round intervals lol

  8. Chloee says:

    Tank with a TKO! 💪🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Zachary Middleton says:

    Need to make these ppv fights with earlier start times. Rough on the east coast. West coast gets all the love.

    • Shelley Dennis says:

      True. Imagine the boxers, they fought on the East Coast. I guess that’s why they are trained because fighting at 11pm has to be brutal. 😩😴😂

    • Jose Aguilera says:

      I agree with you..I’m from the West Coast and it gets hard on me to stay up sometimes…so I can only imagine what y’all go through..would be nice to get that changed.

    • Edward Young says:

      Cmon man I was big struggling, fell asleep during Ellis villa and missed the upset SMH lol

    • Keith Jeffery says:

      The network promotion is the reason it starts so late,, these greedy bastards buy a 2 hour block then sells it for commercials & adds. These Networks once started under cards at 5:15 so the main event never started south of 8pm. They don’t care about PPV buys or the fans it’s about block add purchases. It’s like they are saying “I dare you not to watch”. Wtf!

    • Ya Ri says:

      I’m Caribbean and I can tell you I’m tired so much this morning: go to sleep at 2:40 A.M. … that’s hurt 😂😂😂

  10. Ron Mayberry says:

    Devin Haney is cappin hector Garcia is dam good fighter and let’s hope he recovers

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