Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis KO’s Ryan Garcia With VICIOUS Body Shot In 7th Round I FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis KO’s Ryan Garcia With VICIOUS Body Shot In 7th Round I FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Brian Campbell joins CBS Sports HQ to discuss Gervonta Davis defeating Ryan Garcia via 7th round TKO.


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35 Responses

  1. mbwell says:

    This reminds me of the fights we saw in the 1980’s. Thank you Tank and Ryan for competing and putting everything on the line for the fans. ✅

    • whutup 75 says:

      @stay1kalways worse comment in a while

    • mbwell says:

      In case you were not around in the 80’s, that was a golden era for boxing in the lighter weight categories. What made that era so special was the boxers were extremely talented and willing to fight each other. I can name a few, but there were so many to choose from. Here are just a few, but I’m sure I’ve missed on so many more.

      Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Pryor, Leonard, Chavez, Benitez, Sanchez, Arguello.

    • OIO says:

      ​@Bruttix you just can’t believe Garcia got outclassed, huh? Garcia is overrated.

    • Isaac Singleton says:

      @Bruttix mma fans showing their level of intelligence 😂 tell me how great the sport laying on the ground and wrapping your legs around each other for 3 rounds to win a “fight”

    • OIO says:

      Just to let everyone know, the people thanking Tank and Garcia without specifically acknowledging the winner, are the people that don’t want to give Tank his respect for outclassing the overrated Garcia.

      Tank won…congratulations to Tank.

  2. lewis erwin says:

    I appreciate this fight. These two young men actually got into the ring, and made it happen. I have a lot respect for both men

    • Ceaz I N F I N I T Y says:

      ​@Tim Lynch bro you are reaching

    • SLT school of truth classroom says:

      Unlike Errol IAM going to wait until bud old Spence jr 😂 the 80’s 90’s golden age of boxing in modern era this was one of those fights kindve

    • StoFF_ ALien says:

      I was hoping Ryan was gonna win but I didn’t put any trust in his jaw against tanks power especially being short and he would have given a more nasty hit if Ryan had gotten up

    • OIO says:

      Tank won. We know your type. Fight and talent wasn’t close…Garcia needs to fight more real fighters. Garcia is overrated and was outclassed as expected. So let me fix your comment:

      “Congrats to Tank for the expected win. Garcia was outclassed and should not have fought this fight. They are not on the same level and Garcia should go back to fighting bums”.

  3. Tommy Noble says:

    Tanks counter is unreal.

  4. GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent says:

    Tank Davis is officially the face of Boxing.

  5. 90s says:

    Not surprised I knew this was gonna be the outcome let’s go tank 💪🏽

    • MZ92 says:

      Same. I know Ryan has speed and all, but I just couldn’t see any other outcome than Tank by KO. As soon as I saw that knockdown in round 2, I knew exactly what was coming. Those body shots were vicious.

    • Stacy Olds says:

      Yes tank davis

  6. debonair1 says:

    Now, that’s what you call a cataclysmic “liver quiver” shot !!!

  7. NCMADEBDOT says:

    before this fight everyone was tryna tell me ryan was going to win… tank is a legend

  8. JOHN KIRBY says:

    It’s amazing how little space a professional fighter needs to leverage a shot like that!!!🥊💯

  9. Joe S says:

    Tank is on another level. Definitely one of the faces of today’s boxing.

  10. Bruce Kim says:

    Hell of a fight. This is boxing.

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