Get by together | #WithMe

Get by together | #WithMe

From teaching kids and cutting our own hair to growing food and making our own face masks, we’re all trying new things as we navigate Covid-19. These days, just doing the ordinary feels extraordinary. We’re all just figuring it out, together. Get by #WithMe.

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76 Responses

  1. richbuild says:

    When quarantine is getting to you.


  2. Caleb Vaughan Japtha says:

    I wish u would have put the virus name in here somewhere u would get demonitized by urself

  3. Stephany Novais says:

    Am I the only one that didn’t watch it and just came straight to the comments?

  4. Xx Leo Blue Xx says:

    I’ll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don’t exist…….

  5. quazi shahin says:

    complete awareness for full safety of life

  6. Alankingtana says:

    Fun Fact: “Fun Fact” actually means “Fun Fact” witch makes it Fun

    No need to thank me.

  7. littlestgames says:

    I’m just playing GTA in quarantine

  8. Carlo Baron says:


    Me:does youtube monetize its own channel?

  9. A Clockwork Fangirl says:

    This is basically Youtube’s futile attempt to keep us sane during quarantine 😂

  10. Diamond Ender Pearl 0135 says:

    Quarantine: begins
    YouTube Creators: my time has come

  11. Matthew Walmsley says:

    YouTube Tutorials is the new thing now?

  12. Money Made At Home says:

    I think this whole lock-down thing exposed quite a bit of hidden talent. Rather amazing what you can come up with once slowing down to a gallop. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise? As we have become rather attached to our modern lifestyle. I don’t think this much home cooking has been done since the stone age…lol! 😎

  13. LDMesna says:

    You guys mentioned “COVID-19” in description. *Please demonetize yourself*

  14. Sabin Pangeni says:

    This is damn better than YouTube rewind 2019

  15. Master CY says:

    that just made me realise that we need to be sorry for homeschooled people

  16. Robert Bitsilly says:

    Y’all act like you never spend time at home or chill with your family lol

  17. Don't read my profile picture says:

    See? We *LIKE* this. We don’t like millionaires telling us to stay home from their mansions.

    • I don’t Know my name says:

      and i feel like that’s the same problem we had in december when rewind came out they did not listen to what we wanted to see they did not care to ask they just throw together and 8th grade level powerpoint project for english class type video and expect us not to completely hate it i do feel like they are listening to us more with this one though

    • Earth - Agar says:

      I don’t Know my name U said that two times lol

    • Tony SODA says:

      @Earth – Agar dude deadass are you fr?

  18. Lavadora says:

    Dad: daddy got to work
    Her daughter: *T R I G G E R E D*

  19. TheAsvarduilProject says:

    _”I forgot to score the tops, y’all!”_

    As a Texan, I approve of that message.

  20. Gardening With SkinnyBoyRandy says:


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