Get Out – Movie Review

Get Out – Movie Review

Jordan Peele makes his directorial debut with this Stepford thriller. Here’s my review of “Get out”!

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20 Responses

  1. Varinder Bhandal says:

    The only horror movie where the black guy didn’t die first.

  2. Austin Daberkow says:

    They should make a sequel called GTFO.

  3. LoneRangerGaming says:

    So that’s it, we kind of some “Get Out” squad?

  4. Dashie Plushie says:

    he gave it a worth buying on blue ray, you’re welcome!

  5. Random Street Theater says:

    Bro, I write webcomics to laugh at my pain. A good deal of people who choose to make others laugh are those who cry inside. Look at John Candy. He died because of emotional eating. He had a sad life before fame.

  6. jonny D says:

    I honestly thought that was going to suck lol

  7. Kvng Christian says:

    Literally just got done seeing this.

  8. Christopher Das says:

    I don’t understand Americans, what is it with you guys and how everything is racist?

  9. MiddayMarauder says:

    This was one hell of an awesome director debut for Peele.

  10. William Seamon says:

    This movie. Kicked. Fucking. Ass.

  11. Sean Forrest says:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger would love the title of the movie

  12. Obi Juan says:

    Get Out huh? We some kind of thats it?

  13. Ben Crutchfield says:

    Beware of loud, obnoxious. racist black people if you go see it. I’m not kidding, I saw it earlier today. A black girl told me I shouldn’t be laughing at a certain scene, every time a white person was killed they would applaud and talk about how satisfying it is to watch, and they talked loudly throughout the whole movie. Completely ruined the experience.

  14. Josh Toulmin says:

    Get Out looks like one of those movies that won’t make a big splash in the box office, but will be looked back on as a masterpiece that was current and not afraid to say what it wants to say. I can’t wait to see it

  15. onyx says:

    I haven’t heard a single negative thing about this movie yet and I wanna see it ?

  16. TheShoeGame says:

    I swear to Christ if I see that damn Infinite Warfare unskippable ad again I am going to kill some people.

  17. cgarciahfcu says:

    I was waiting for Jeremy to post a picture of himself with a group of his black friends.

  18. JustTrolling says:

    The white girl about to let the black dude get in lol

  19. Tony M says:

    It’s kinda hilarious how at least a few of the comments are literally “Judges the movie without seeing it. Claims they’re not judging the movie yet because they haven’t seen it”

    Like, yes, you can try to pick up a vibe from the trailers, but if you haven’t seen a bunch of movies the trailers didn’t actually show the depth or meanings of the movie, you haven’t seen enough movies.

    and that’s not even getting into the irony of “Yeah this movies trying to make white people feel guilty for being white”, which is extra hilarious when you’re LITERALLY making superficial judgments of a deeper larger thing off the tiniest of surface glimpses of the thing. Do I even need to point out the subtext there?
    In case I do, no white people shouldn’t feel guilty about being white…. but if you’re that fucking concerned about a movie possibly depicting white people as at all racist….you’re probably a racist.

  20. Why you gotta go there says:

    Holy shit here to? First it was Chris’s video and now Jeremy? Why do you Trump supporters(I can tell from usernames and/or subscriptions) keep saying this movie is about “white guilt” or just plain complaining about how “Politically correct” people are again? Honestly if anyone has the least right to complain about political correctness it’s someone that supports Trump, but they seem to do it the most.

    Let’s check out your Anti-PC leader for a second.
    – He has sued people over jokes before, including the onion, and Bill Maher.
    – He has banned many different media outlets from covering him in the past during his run because “they won’t cover me right”.
    – He has had many media pens made that he used to make sure the media could not cover him properly during his campaign
    – He didn’t allow the media to interview people at his rallies before
    – He has kicked out protesters just for silently holding posters and wearing shirts before.
    – He has also said he wants to open up the Libel laws so that it will be easier for him to sue media companies that report on him in ways he does not like.
    – On his ask Reddit he banned certain question he didn’t like.
    – He said anyone that dares to question his VP is “harassing: him.
    – He talks about how oppressed he is by the lying media to open up his meeting of Black History month.
    – Has said any negative polls about him are Fake news
    – Gets triggered by SNL

    and he does all this while yelling fake news everyday towards anyone that has any criticism of him, and those that praise him are the only ones can be trusted. Just because he makes you feel good about your bigoted views towards everyday Muslims and/or Mexicans trying to live life doesn’t mean he is against political correctness.

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