Get Ready For This Weather Whiplash…

Get Ready For This Weather Whiplash…

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In this video we are talking about more severe weather in the short term, and yet another blast of cold air coming in towards the weekend. This will lead to weather whiplash for millions of people across the US.

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Please refer to your local National Weather Service office to get the most reliable and up to date weather information as possible.

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28 Responses

  1. Ryan Hall, Y'all says:

    Hey y’all, if you want 50% off with HelloFresh PLUS free shipping on your first box, use code YALL50 at!

  2. luke corbin says:

    10 minutes with you a few days a week is better than any weather forecast experience I have ever had. Thanks for your work and dedication Ryan!

    • Gregory Alan Bailey says:

      everything gonna be just fine here in iowa for the next 8 days everything is okay ryan needs to calm his tits

  3. Tired Momma says:

    Communities helping other communities get back up on their feet to rebuild after a natural disaster is heartwarming to hear. 😊

  4. Socks • says:

    Ryan, you are literally changing the weather community. Making more aware, giving easy access to amazing weather coverage, saving lives, and helping out small towns. It’s amazing what you do and I’m so glad I’m subscribed to you

  5. Michele Shively says:

    Just love Ryan ❤️ I don’t even turn my TV on for the local weather anymore. Thank you for always being here for everyone!!

  6. Tyler Batson says:

    Thank you for being my go-to for weather updates and live severe weather coverage! You far exceed the main stream channels! Thank you!

  7. Reilly Dibble says:

    i thought we agreed on turning the cold off everywhere

    • Amerika Vee Beau says:

      @Patty Sherwood I prefer greenhouses, not just the weather. But our soil, water and air are full of poisons. Glad you’ have someone helping you. Keep it green and organic.

    • Erika Robinson says:

      Right lol

    • Lynn Cantrell says:

      I love the cold, I live in western Ky and last summer we had 110 degrees almost the whole summer. I rather 60s and 70’s.
      I hope this is a good sign that we will have a low humidity and decent temperatures this coming summer

    • HustlinHubby says:

      Some people like the cold

  8. Dan Dangler says:

    Just wanted to leave a comment…TY Ryan for helping all the people you can after the storms ! I lived thru Katrina and for approx 2 weeks we had NO help from anywhere. We were in Bay St Louis MS. The hardest hit area. We had 28ft storm surge and nothing was left. No homes, no stores, no restaurants. So I know when you lose everything like that all the smiling faces you can get really helps, ty again.

  9. Mom Silk says:

    Ryan and y’all are doing what you’re meant to do! Help people and save lives! Thank you! ❤️

  10. zmaryellen says:

    Ryan, you are just plain very good at what you do. I love watching you- not only for your accuracy in your weather reports- but also love the way you present it all, and what you give to hurting communities. Keep it up, young friend (I am almost 70); stay humble and caring and excited about what you do. You are awesome.

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