Get Ready for YouTube Rewind 2015 | #RewindisComing

Get Ready for YouTube Rewind 2015 | #RewindisComing

It’s almost time to HIT Rewind, #RewindisComing.

On December 9th (EST / GMT), YouTube Rewind 2015 will launch. Get ready to see the videos, people, music and moves that made 2015.

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20 Responses

  1. Mcara Hailey says:

    I’m so excited for this one ?

  2. AyreonJr says:

    Ahm.. Ok.

  3. Alik's blog says:

    кто от EeOneGuy?

  4. RcadeScreen says:

    1) Justin Bieber (newest album was actually good)
    2) PSY (Daddy)
    3) Pentatonix (#1 tho)
    4) Troye Sivan (Blue Neighbourhood was amazing)
    5) Adele (Hello)
    6) Drake (Hotline Bling lmaoo)
    7) Taylor Swift (Bad Blood and Blank Space were pretty big)
    8) Ariana Grande (Focus was big too)
    9) *___*

    1) Pewdiepie (obviously)
    2) Dan and Phil
    3) iiSuperwomanii
    4) Smosh
    5) Jacksepticeye
    6) Markiplier
    7) GMM
    8) Finebros
    9) Slo mo guys
    10) Pentatonix
    11) Troye Sivan
    12) Connor Franta
    13) Tyler Oakley
    14) Joe and Caspar

    1) Pepe
    2) Dress
    3) And his name is JOHN CENA
    4) JUST DO IT

    idk these are some guesses

  5. Bad Guy Games says:

    Yeah so hyped, zzzzzzZz

  6. AMA says:

    I CAN’T WAIT!, this video is going to make me cry….. seeing how
    successful they are

  7. Saraphina Thompson says:

    whoot whoot!

  8. AlphaBoltZ says:


  9. Oskar Hage says:


  10. Krystal_wolf says:

    super excited XD

  11. zack! kirah says:

    I just want Fall Out Boy to be on it.. *sigh*

  12. Monica Arenales says:

    Am I the only one who is sort of expecting pepe to make an appearance? no?
    no? ok.

  13. Enzoula Channel says:


  14. DHGameStudios says:

    What the dingus is this even? Just a rewind button? Seems useless imo.

  15. aleix1203 says:


  16. iiTz-Lukaa says:

    y derrepente, aparece un comentario en español

  17. Adhil Rosh Mirshad says:

    0hh boy.. can’t wait

  18. The Villager says:

    Don’t forget the Little Einsteins trend back in early 2015

  19. chris goeddey says:


  20. Mystoryas Zoe says: