Get Ready With Me & Kim Kardashian | Jaclyn Hill

Get Ready With Me & Kim Kardashian | Jaclyn Hill


I hope you guys enjoy this get ready with Kim Kardashian! Seriously, such a surreal moment for me! I have been inspired by her makeup looks for YEARS! When I worked at MAC everyone who walked in the door asked for a Kim K look, so being able to have the opportunity to sit down and glam with her personally was super surreal to say the least! She was one of the sweetest, most down to earth people I’ve met so far. XO

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20 Responses

  1. Jen Dovci says:

    Seriously! Seeing Jaclyn & Kim discus their love of makeup is just giving me all the feels! LOVE IT! So much respect for these two, and all the other self-made powerhouses out there! And their skin? ARE YA KIDDING ME?! ~GOALS.

  2. Talin Erdogan says:

    Why does jaclyn pretends like she is the kim k and bragging about her high end make up products with an uncouth attitude while poor real kim k is sitting there and wait her shut up

  3. Stefanie Sundstrøm says:

    I was completely shocked by your attitude on snap…. Omfg….

  4. Mona Garcia says:

    Kim looks so annoyed and not happy she’s doing this video.

  5. Priscila Martinez says:

    Dude the coments on this video are pathetic. Are you that bored to write an essay on her video? Come on if you don’t like them you are welcome to leave✌️?

  6. Katie Grace says:

    STOP THE HATE OMG SHES PROBABLY JUST SO HAPPY SHES WITH KIM ?❤️ keep the negativity to your self, BACK OFF HATERS ????

  7. Serenity Marshall says:

    Oh boy this was so cringeworthy…. Jaclyn acting like she knew nothing about makeup, so overwhelming cutting Kim off. This stressful to watch, hope this doesn’t kill her career because this totally ruined her image honestly. Yikes.

  8. Ayesha Larin says:

    You guys are overreacting. i thought Jaclyn did great in this video. Kim seemed to really like her.

  9. Jessica Held says:

    Oh girl….calm your tits. Kim is a normal person. You’re crawling up her ass soo bad.

  10. QueenChas says:

    Kim is just so chill and seems to have no sense of humor or personality in this video, she seems like she’s just here for the yt exposure and to sell her products.

  11. ms pearl says:

    I never realized how pretty jaclyn is until I saw her next to Kim

  12. Jane Gee says:

    Jaclyn , I love you girl . but let the QUEEN ??speak mannnn !! you kept interrupting her , it was kinda rude . not throwing any shade tho .

  13. Clare says:

    Omg Kim doesn’t even need makeup #jealous

  14. Sareli says:

    Unless you’re giving constructive criticism leave your backhanded comments elsewhere find a therapist to let your anger out or drink some mothafuckin chamomile tea bitch!Amazing how people that hate Kim flocked to this video ready to put her & Jaclyn down, y’all need to pipe the fuck down and let people live their lives, she’s Jaclyn, she’s loud & proud real fans know! Imagine meeting a celebrity you admire & sitting next to them for an hour YOU WILL FREAK OUT.

  15. Lina J says:

    very cool video. loved watching it. #dolls?

  16. Clara Tiara says:

    i want kim or jaclyn do a collab with shane dawson.

  17. Moses Gabriel says:

    I wonder if she payed Kim ?

  18. Miranda Holden says:

    Jaclyn you are a glowing goddess!! look! at! you!

  19. Angela Christenson says:

    Loved-loved-loved this video!!!! A great comeback from your launch. Beautiful!!

  20. wigsell says:

    I never realized how pretty jaclyn is until I saw her next to Kim

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