I do Kourtney’s makeup using all Kylie Cosmetics products!

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  1. Mr. Carl Siacan says:

    Kylie doesn’t realize this, but she is making everyone’s quarantine better.

  2. Mr. Carl Siacan says:

    this sister duo is so underrated

  3. Jaqueline Guerreiro says:

    Kylie is the nicest person and I love kourt personality

  4. Ally ASMR says:

    All I want in life is to take tequila shots with Kylie Jenner

  5. Elsa Hosk says:

    Kourtney : “there is people that are dying “
    Is one of the iconic lines on kuwtk

  6. chyzzzle ! says:

    “i’m not embarrassed to be related to you.”
    kylie: “awww”

  7. Bianca MS says:

    Kourtney in Bora Bora “There’s people that are dying “
    Kourtney at Disneyland : “There’s people that are starving “

  8. Bianca MS says:

    “Rob’s my secret soulmate “
    Well, we all know that Scott is your soulmate.

  9. gizem says:

    kylie: what would you tell your 23 self?
    *kourtney thinks for 15 minutes*
    kourtney: live your life

  10. Aubrey Perry says:

    im cracking up, kourtney saying “i’m embarrassed to be related to you” while kylie is literally 8 years old hahahahhaha

    • moon flower says:

      Right lmaooo like I’m literally 25 rn with an 8 year old sister, the same ages they were & I can’t imagine saying that to my sister 😂😂😂

  11. Sophia S says:

    notice how it says “kim kardashian” and not “kim kardashian west” 🥲

  12. Alysia Gold says:

    Kylie: are you still gluten free?
    Kourtney: UGHHH I just had blood work and I have to be gluten free for 30 weeks that’s like half the year

  13. Tenn Z says:

    My ADHD said NO to kourtney’s slow talking.

  14. Domka Domka says:

    Kylie: does the most basic contour job
    Kylie: “I’m so talented omg”

  15. Laura Avella says:

    I feel like kourtney is a wise person, I could learn a lot from her, she also seems like the realest kardashian.

  16. Aanam C says:

    Living for this ‘most special’ pair 😂🙌🏽❤️

  17. Isadora Neves says:

    Kylie: what would you tell your 23yr old self? Something that you wish you knew

    Kourtney’s mind: I feel like I already knew everything

  18. Matthew Lee says:

    Kourt: “like staying, ur about to finish”
    Kylie: “this is not a millennial thing”💀

  19. Bethany Villero says:

    Did anyone catch Kourtney about to say “the least…fake” when referring to the Kim incident? Ha!!

  20. Bianca MS says:

    “Kim, there’s people that are dying “
    “Kylie, there’s people that are starving “

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