Getting a Man-Weave ‘For the First Time’

Getting a Man-Weave ‘For the First Time’

It’s pretty common to find a woman wearing a hair weave or extensions. But why can’t men? Watch this episode as comedian Skillz Hudson goes from George Jefferson to Lil Boosie with the installation of a man-weave, or “man-unit.”


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Starring: Skillz Hudson, Q. Shamone
Directed by: Patrick Cloud
Produced by: Megan “”MegScoop”” Thomas
Cinematographer: Dawn Shim
Cam Op: Michael Street, Denzel Jackson
Sound Mixer: Jacob Harrold
Production Assistant: CaSandra Epps, Jerami Monreal
Post Supervisor: Trish Pelefoti
Editor: Momo Lee Aoi
Assistant Editor: Bryan Nam
VFX: Arthur Castillo

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20 Responses

  1. jack hagenbaumer says:

    when he took his hat off i was dead??

  2. Apostle Bailey says:

    Lol the hair looks okay but his line up is fucked all the way up ????

  3. Manu Sogelau says:

    Dude lookin like a old ass Iamsu. lol

  4. AlmightyShak says:

    in 2020 all the old heads gonna have one

  5. Gregory Earley says:

    he look like a black clown

  6. Kehachi Senju says:

    His shit leanin xD

  7. ss140 says:

    black guys get haircuts at white hair salon for the first time

  8. Kyla Browne says:

    The hair line is kind of crooked

  9. Phillip Too Smooth says:

    Better than seeing my father come back ?

  10. Just Jay says:

    His hair looks fine but his hairline lookin like a chart of all the hoes he
    lost throughout the years

  11. KevOnStage says:

    That man said when he lost his hairline he lost his jumper. ????

  12. ReliaTshi XO says:

    Yooooooo the hairline leaninnnnnn???????

  13. Meighan Giles says:

    am i the only one who thought the wig looked nice before he cut it too? ?

  14. Tasniim Abdi says:

    why doesn’t he just shave it all.

  15. pammish11 says:

    lol his hairline is slanted in the front, plus he could’ve taken about an
    inch and a half off the top because it still looks toupe-ish..

  16. Junior Reid says:

    Maaaannn you ain’t goin bald. That’s just a reverse mohawk. ??????

  17. Alani Saddler says:

    Just go bald fam

  18. Zipporah Johnson says:

    “I haven’t seen my hairline in years…this is better than seeing my father
    come back.” HA!!!

  19. Rashad Smith says:

    I mean he could’ve just shaved his head instead of walking around looking
    like a pedophile.

  20. Nura Ali says:

    He’d look good fully bald headed tbh?