Getting Delay, without using any effects…

Getting Delay, without using any effects…

3 acoustic guitars, a handball court and no effects allowed.
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Featuring Jeff Linville,
Who is in this band:

Dave Dunsire:

Vincent M Ippolito of Swift Road Studios

Here’s a nice little jam we had while setting up:

Every outtake, why not?

“Rain” Lesson video:

Video edit by Jake Jarvi:

Much thanks to the Lattof YMCA in Des Plaines, IL for letting us use one of their handball courts for this project.

This video was made possible because of Patreon support from JackWoodman Piano, Donato Sinicco III, Christopher-Luke Miles, George Marshal, Ismael T Rodriguez, yukhei, Dirk Wouters, Navin Antoine, Brad Tucker, Jaz Maglana, Blayd Malburne, Andrew Johnston, Cody Melcher, Caleb Chalfin, Otto Cate, Nicolette Kawata, Haroon Rahman, Quintin Waldner, Hypergnome, Andy AKA VaultsOfExtoth, Rob Harper, Rahul Parsani, & many other awesome people on my Patreon page:
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46 Responses

  1. American Devil says:

    There are two old concrete vaults in the woods by my house, they used to be where the pay was kept for loggers of a bye-gone era…The bass is amplified huge in them, even someone with a tiny voice sounds like an announcer in them, still trying to figure out what creative thing to do in there besides keep money for loggers… Cool video, 🙂

  2. Dániel Ferenczi says:

    I love how I can’t even notice when they mess up

  3. bongzilla says:

    wow that took some serious effort

  4. Jason Owsley says:

    Complete song at 6:55

  5. Josh RiffMonster says:


  6. Kaosware says:

    your videos are getting better and better!! So inventive and interesting !

  7. Herman Li says:

    Seriously…no one talking about how high the guys strap at the back is?

    • Nug says:

      that’s classic player, 😀

    • ChickenSphere says:

      That’s how a clasical nylon string guitar is typically held. It allows easier access to the higher frets

    • taypkaz says:

      Zakk Wylde plays it low and also has easy access to higher frets.

    • ChickenSphere says:

      Not saying it’s impossible to reach the higher frets without this. Just giving a reason as to why it’s held that way. If you look at any mariachi band, all of their guitarists will have their guitars pulled up as high as possible (this is just an example of classical/flamenco style guitarists that you see most often nowadays). People who learn on a standard guitar are typically used to playing a guitar held at medium height or over their dominant hand’s knee. Classically trained guitarists are typically taught to play a guitar over the knee opposite of their dominant hand for specific types of positioning. It’s all about the style of guitar you’re playing. Holding a guitar completely horizontal to you also affects the way your hand rests over the bridge (strumming section) of the guitar. Classical players play with their fingers a lot and this positioning helps with that.

    • wcr4 says:

      taypkaz Plus bonus access to risk of carpal tunnel!

  8. Herter says:

    As a guitar player myself, I feel their pain, but this is extremely difficult, especially for the two playing delayed notes.. Mad respect from me to all!

  9. Benjamin Vroman says:


    also love the “everybody dresses as Rob joke”

  10. SteveBelieve Guitar says:

    Many people don’t know how much effort there’s behind videos. Awesome btw!

  11. Stupid Robot Fighting League says:

    How do you define a good friend? 60 takes.

  12. Matt Neuenschwander says:

    You have the same guitar as that guy who sang about his uncle.

  13. Rob Chapman says:

    So awesome!!!

  14. Aidan Underhill says:

    As Lego Batman would say:

    “First try!”

  15. JETJOOBOY says:

    Wow.. That takes some instinct quelling..

  16. Michael Wookypi says:

    when you have no money for pedals but friends you can pay in beer haha

  17. Shadow Mantra Steve says:

    I find the technical aspects of this fascinating, the audio production side of my brain is loving it, and major respect for sticking at it for so many takes. Turned out great though, true analog delay 🤘

  18. Reehana Taj says:

    The first take sounded really good!

  19. Cohen Russell says:

    It’s good that you messed up that many times. It helped hit the ten minute mark 😉

  20. Jacob Newton says:

    Fact: if you open up a delay pedal there’s several tiny men inside playing back to you. Try it out.

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