Getting dressed in the 18th century – working woman

Getting dressed in the 18th century – working woman

A working woman gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century.

Director/Cinematographer: Nick Loven

Producer/Costumier: Pauline Loven

Production Assistant: Lilli Stoddart

Woman: Liv Free

Location: Friends Meeting House, Brant Broughton

Carpentry: Peter Halse

Pottery: Andrew MacDonald of the Pot Shop, Lincoln

Bed Quilt: Martha and Emily Milne

Cockerel: Hughie

Special thanks to the Friends for permission to use the Meeting House and to Wendy Gwatkin in particular, for all her support at the Meeting House and the loan of antique furniture too!

Many thanks to John O’Boyle for allowing us to record his cockerel Hughie!

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65 Responses

  1. John Connor says:

    Woa, that was like 20 layers of clothing. My sister can’t be bothered to put on more than her jammies to go to school lol

  2. lavixl says:

    Now show getting undressed in the 18th century.

  3. Dižskabāržu Bobs says:

    As a representative of le reddit army I can attest that this is a true m’lady and I have been tipping my fedora to the screen for the entire video.

  4. MonoDde says:

    Wait a minute… you keep saying “working woman” in the video. Is this being said as a euphemism for prostitute or is it just meant as a woman who works for a living?

  5. Nomad TV says:

    Lol like she is putting on body armor

  6. victoneter says:

    It does seem kind of comfortable. I think it had to be such a chore to get dressed back then because they couldn’t make single pieces of clothing that fit comfortably. Or regular people couldn’t afford it

  7. Nico The Rabbit says:

    A friend of mine has decided that people should only wear one type of fashion.
    He’s very clothes-minded.

  8. JimmyJazz332 says:

    Who knew 18th century women were so hot

  9. lasgsd1 says:

    If this was REALLY the 18th century she would not have clean shaven legs!

  10. bernie23232323232323 says:

    what if she had to take a piss or shit does she just lift the whole thing above her head

  11. M Ziegler says:

    At least women had pockets back then…

    • Stephanie Ritchie says:

      Some Random Name it’s honestly such a blessing if my pants have back pockets

    • DesktopDragon says:

      Some Random Name who uses back pockets for anything… you can’t use it for your phone, it’s too uncomfortable… gosh, what am I doing with my life, I’m having a conversation (argument?) about pant pockets….

    • TooBlue says:

      DesktopDragon Wdym??? I buy skinny jeans all the time and they always have enough room to hold my earbuds, my entire iPhone X, and a few extra things (gum, lipstick, stylus, etc.). I’ve never seen/worn a pair of women’s pants that didn’t have normal pockets.

    • DesktopDragon says:

      TooBlue Wow….. I guess I’ve been getting the wrong pants XD

    • Breezie Newcomb says:

      Really big ones too.

  12. Agrius Cingulata says:

    I’m getting a fever just from watching her put on all those layers. I’m doing good to walk up a hill wearing jeans and long sleeves. I would have died back then.

  13. DonutTheTrap says:

    The things women go through to have pockets in their clothes

  14. Chanel Number2 says:

    Hell no no no no I would have suffocated in that era I can’t

  15. Awkwar d says:

    I’m impressed: a channel with less then 509 subscribers is trending? Good work!

  16. Lenora Mars says:

    Soon as I think she done getting dressed she adds another piece of clothing

  17. rahul says:

    Cleanliness was important but she didnt shower

  18. NooB-Noob says:

    I would pay her father 3 cows 2 pigs and a goat for her hand in marriage!

  19. Chronological c says:

    18th century: 5 layers of clothing 5 minutes
    21st century: one layer of clothes an hour

    Somethings not right here

  20. luke knudsvig says:

    This is trendinggggg….. why????

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