Getting Recognized at Disneyland

Getting Recognized at Disneyland

I love running into fans, especially at Disneyland.
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63 Responses

  1. Kabloosh says:

    People only recognize me if they’ve seen me in multiple comment sections.

  2. Star Wars Ace says:

    Where is Toronto

    JK I am Canadain

  3. Multiano X says:

    Dantdm outro

  4. Luke Chuha says:

    I used to go to the front of the line because my sister has special needs but now they changed that rule because people buy handicapped people for that reason

  5. Octa352Gaming says:

    When I was ten, the best time I could have was sitting down in an art studio with hundreds of supplies and start drawing. From me being a tiny baby to being ten I went to Disneyland 4 times. Please don’t fite meh.

  6. Gasmaster 26345 says:

    Lucky kid on his birthday… Im not lucky

  7. Ben Mars says:


  8. Black Panther says:

    Mickey mouse was forgotten

  9. Mr.Toxic_Hawkz__ says:

    Ive never been to disney land. My parents were always too poor… This only makes me more sad.

    • 9cat30 says:

      I honestly think he is doing this to get attention but who do i judge

    • Mr.Toxic_Hawkz__ says:

      9cat30 honestly no. Ive never got this much response on a comment. I didnt realize this would happen. The video just gave me bad memmories.

    • Mr.Toxic_Hawkz__ says:

      DJpanda 123 thank you for being positive! And i do hope to be able to!

    • a rainbow Fishy says:

      Mr.Toxic_Hawkz__ you have an electronic device to comment and internet to use. You aren’t poor.

    • Mr.Toxic_Hawkz__ says:

      a rainbow Fishy im using a $30 lg and ur right i do have internet. Because im old enough to work. My PARENTS were too poor. I am too do u releaize disney land is too expensive when ur paying taxes and a min wage job.

  10. minecraftrubysword says:

    I give her a 1


  11. AFoot says:

    When you said β€œThe Void” I freaked out, I was on there just yesterday in Orlando! Coolest experience ever!

  12. Fox Goodman says:

    With those sunglasses who wouldn’t recognize you lol

  13. AnnakaRBLX says:

    I was at Disney land and like







    I went there last year and I still wanna go

  14. Edison Lin says:


  15. Greedy Greedo says:

    Joey Bean!!?!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!

  16. Matt Spicer says:


  17. hello jello says:

    Did you know that selfie sticks are banned in Disneyland.

  18. LucyPoxyGotMoxy says:

    Who are the vloggers at 5:18

  19. whynotannie says:

    i just went to void a few weeks ago, ommmggg it was amazing πŸ’—

  20. Sophia Brown says:

    Omg if I was talking about him and he turns around and it’s him AND it’s my birthday, ID DIE.

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