Getting Scammed Online

Getting Scammed Online

Heyall, it’s been a fine minute, sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been travelling around here and there, dealing with some obstacles along the way. I hope youre all safe at home during the quarantine. I know you’re all tempted to leave the house so I made a small list of things to do if you’re bored:

– Remember the good old days when you took 2019 for granted
-Roleplay as a prisoner cuz your house is a prison right now.
– learn to snip your own hair since nobodys doing it for you
– Make summ nice for the essential workers
– Create a masterplan of how to eliminate hornets invading the US
– Rob your own house

Stay safe, I wanna see yall alive and running wild when this is over.









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62 Responses

  1. Ash Is an idiot says:

    Did anyone go check their discord when the “message from admin” part popped up?

  2. I'mJustTryingToUseTheMaxAmountOfCharacters says:

    people: *blindly agree to give all personal info to a scam site*
    me: *scared to give my first name to Instagram*

  3. Lilly151 pizza says:


  4. vorixx_wxrm says:

    How to get money to those in need to pay for these scams (this is a joke):
    dig around in your couch, plants, your parents wallet, and your pockets.

  5. Abigail C. says:

    I would have experienced old internet but I had a cousin who was older than me by just a year and kept saying I had to be “8” then it was “10/11” until I was allowed to touch a computer. I was born in 2000 so it was about when I was 10 ish when I could get on a computer without him getting onto me, not to get on that video website (aka old YouTube) Gotta hate older siblings.

    That’s all I remember from early internet, someone telling me not to get on (when I had to be like 7 and he was 9)

  6. Lil Gandalf boi says:

    Video about scams: *gets an Apple ad*
    me: *h m m m*

  7. Fiverumble says:

    When your antivirus says the website is dangerous
    Heart: 10,000 beats per second

  8. antsu H.A.H says:

    “Sometimes we get curious and put our noses where we’re not supposed to….”
    And that’s why you should use Nordvpn for secure internet travel anywhere!

  9. VANILICA says:

    This is why my dad bought me the computer but didn’t allow me to have internet till I was in high school and already knew how to defend myself from these scams. Funny thing is that when we got the internet he was the one to almost fall for the scam but luckily I was around to help him. My turn to protect him I guess XD

  10. lumenade 333 says:

    heheh, even tho I’m gen z I had one of those computers… my games were solitary and stare at a screen of colors and music for hours…

  11. ZinXGaming says:

    I was waiting for “speaking of cyber security this video was sponsored by NordVPN”

  12. The Alpha Sam says:

    I can’t believe this wasn’t sponsored by NordWPN OMG

  13. Creamy Coffee says:

    Tabbes: The internet was like the Wild West, fresh and unknown.
    Me: *vietnam flashbacks*

  14. Jay Expresso says:

    “No way anybody you fall for–”

    Tabbes Brother: *Hold my curser*

  15. _https_crybaby says:

    Tabbes: **downloads virus**
    Spinning banana: **pops up on screen and starts doing it’s thing**
    Tabbes: This little maneuver is gonna cost us 51 years.

  16. rachael rachael says:

    I once got scammed by those free robux websites when i was like 8 or 9. I dont use that account anymore though so its fine

  17. Mini YT says:

    “You really like that dont you”

    Tabbes: *so anyway I started clicking*

  18. søphie says:


  19. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    “Back in my day when computers looked like microwaves”

    My PC acts like a microwave after booting up Minecraft with every single skin texture in existence

  20. Abby Howk says:

    So we’re not gonna talk about how it’s been three months…

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