getting sick

getting sick

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This video is about getting sick. It’s not as bad as my last hospital video, but it was a frustrating experience. I am over the sickness now, but it was annoying to be sick out of nowhere and wanting to record, so I just made a video about getting sick. I’m very smart.

I have two more videos this year minimum so I hope you enjoy

Thank you for watching.

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29 Responses

  1. Awesomemay says:

    “being sick has made me think about a lot of things, like what its like to breathe” probably the truest words i have ever heard

  2. Noodle says:

    great vid. hope the sickness gets worse

  3. 98Destructo says:

    Man you got really lucky ngl. My gf had the same symptoms but they quickly got worse. It was something called GB syndrome, in which your immune system attacks your nerves and paralyse you. Hopefully, we got to know it in time and she was able to safely come out of it and make a full recovery!

  4. Super Yamchama says:

    This process is exactly why I hate going to the hospital. Hope you’re doing better

  5. Mysticat says:

    i have a REALLY similar story! I was in the hospital for a week with morphine shots twice/day to ease the constant CHRONIC pain that no doctor could figure out. They eventually just sent me home because they had no idea what was wrong. Then one day it just stopped??

    • MagpieOAO says:

      A medic in Vietnam could have done as much for you. They have no interest in your wellbeing, only your insurance.

    • Khanes says:

      Didn’t expect you here.

    • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ says:

      @RampageBlizzard Oh yeah it was definitely a big nerve that got pinched into something, but it just slowly fixed itself on its own lol took about 3 weeks before it was totally back to normal. A doctor usually isn’t gunna do much but pain management for a random pinched nerve right?

    • Anti says:

      chronic? that’s just your body and i got a question, we’re you moving a lot? it happens when you move too much or when your lungs can’t handle something

    • RampageBlizzard says:

      @꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ that’s definitely not normal. Probably some kind of pinched nerve in your spinal cord. Please get that looked at it!

  6. p says:

    i get how it feels ): those days thinking “really took [basic bodily function] for granted,” and getting a little emotional about it along the way; stay safe and take care whether or not you’re still ill andy and all others, sometimes only u know ur body best

  7. Frankabyte says:

    I literally had a cold when this came out and I feel like this video was made for me.

  8. CraftyMasterman says:

    I had to ask my insurance company for permission to watch this video

  9. Crimson B1rd says:

    I’m also really sick at the moment and watching this while bedridden was such a pleasure. Thank you for the perfectly timed masterpiece ❤

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