Getting some air, Atlas?

Getting some air, Atlas?

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  1. Vandal Valo says:

    Brothers, join the resistance! Human race will prevail!

  2. kanistra00000 says:


  3. Renat Khanzarov says:

    What if this dork steps in dog’s shit? Will he be able to carefully pick it off with suitable little stick? If not then he’s not quite ready for parks.

    Что если этот придурок вступит в собачье говно? Сможет ли он самостоятельно подходящй палочкой очистить себя? Если нет, то он не готов к паркам.

    • Вячеслав Успешный says:

      Скоро этот придурок возьмет в руки автомат, и уже кто то другой будет палочкой говно очищать. Вопрос времени, причём очень короткого..

    • Wogden 700 says:

      Renat Khanzarov until it develops a sense of smell I don’t think it will give a shit pun intended

    • cough pillbox says:

      Renat Khanzarov nice job hiding your racist rant about how the jews are turning the gays into reptilians

    • Stevie Wonders says:

      espanol por favor

  4. Slim Pickens says:

    We need to turn them off while we still have a chance.

  5. -Dash™ says:

    What is my purpose?
    You run the field
    Oh.. my god…

  6. Arzaker says:

    “Pilot, your titan is ready”

  7. Naughtysauce says:

    OMG the way he was running had me expecting it to run into the arm of its loved one it hasn’t seen since it went off to war.

  8. Валерий Трапезников says:

    400 кожаных мешков поставили дизлайк

    • Влотенир Пудэн says:

      Валерий Трапезников – 507 пукинских человеко-троллей пытались сказать на весь мир что Запад по прежнему “загнивающий”, в отличие от “прцветающей” рашки, с кисилёвско-соловьёвскими передачами.

  9. Gabriel Boho says:

    *That robot is faster than me*

    • Wiracocha says:

      Faster than most Americans…

    • Ben Schofield says:

      Wiracocha that accually could be true cause there are a lot of slow ass babies and old people

    • TheUselessStoner says:

      coming from the guy who never actually been to america. our obesity rates are the same for the British. infact on people older than 55 the British beat us by over 5%

    • Ben Schofield says:

      TheUselessStoner yea I know right, like I’m in the US and there are a good amount of fat people but id say 8 out of the 10 people I encounter throughout my day are a healthy weight, though I suppose the fat people are prolly staying home haha

  10. ART Sans says:


  11. Mrs. Wilson says:

    Atlas will become Robocop once perfected

  12. Movie Screen says:

    Как же заебали шутки про терминаторов и скайнет. Люди вы пиздец такие оригинальные.

    • Созерцая Пустоту says:

      Movie Screen
      Во все времена, когда машины освобождали людей от работы, люди начинали страдать.

    • Влотенир Пудэн says:

      Разворованной Пукинской России до этих технологий как до Альфа-Центавра на деревянном самокате.

    • Movie Screen says:

      Созерцая Пустоту, потому что они лохи, поэтому страдали.

    • Movie Screen says:

      Влотенир Пудэн, ты чё ноешь то? Иди зарабатывай.

  13. Pablo Napan says:

    Don’t worry y’all. We have banana peels.

  14. Jake says:

    ABBA is my favourite band

  15. Michael Colun says:

    for those who don’t know, this toaster can do a backflip

  16. Usted Esta Aqui. says:


  17. James says:

    Thank you, Boston Dynamics, for bringing us closer to the eventual robot uprising.

    I, for one, would like to be the first to welcome our robotic overlords. ALL HAIL ROBOTS!!

  18. Trevor Tucker says:

    I’m having Terminator flashbacks. 😅

  19. Colin says:

    “Siri, why am I still single?!”

    Siri activates front camera

  20. AnimalsAndReports says:

    Imagine if there had been a pothole❕
    I wonder if it could compensate quickly for unexpected circumstances

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