GHOST HUNTING at Haunted Crybaby Bridge (OVERNIGHT)

GHOST HUNTING at Haunted Crybaby Bridge (OVERNIGHT)

In Sam and Colby’s new haunted series “The Origin” the two explore their hometown Kansas and try to find the source of all their paranormal encounters at a haunted crybaby bridge with Jake Webber and Corey Scherer..


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43 Responses

  1. Sam and Colby says:

    Next Episode on Wednesday 1:14pm PST SEE YOU THERE. #TheOrigin on twitter for a follow!

  2. Nate Flores says:

    Not even a ghost:
    Sam and Colby: Did you hear that

  3. Cocoa__ Gacha says:

    If someone gets hurt in this video i’m gonna knock in someone’s nico nico kneecaps

  4. Kylee Carlson says:

    You guys should have a netflix series Called The Sam & Colby Hauntings or something oh and we can all agree sam is the one that edits the videos btw i need you guys to be safe

  5. Kaedyn Fusto says:

    2:42 thanks for the jump scare during ur speech xD
    18:49-18:52 i love that noise

  6. its our life together forever says:

    Please do not quit youtube peple love your content and like if you wach sam and colby all day i do this is how many peple love your content

  7. Xxshadow WolfyyXx says:

    Love these types of videos. I’m always watching them at night ??‍♀️??❤️❤️?

  8. Erik Balderas says:

    Why can’t they upload tomorrow instead of waiting three days for each part

  9. madelyn eileen says:

    “i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything though”
    throwback to Sam and Colby being the only people to be like oh my gosh there’s a shadow there”

  10. Jennafer Mcclellan says:

    It’s all Sam’s fault, I love him but damn he’s over here summoning demons in his house ?‍♀️btw love you guys ?

  11. s u n r i s e says:

    Colby: I’ve never seen a shadow person.

    also Colby: * chasing a shadow person in the woods *

  12. michael hutton says:

    And right before Jake said “a dog whimpering” the thing sounded like it said “run away”

  13. Sophie Mendoza says:

    “Oh no Jake Jake someone’s calling you”

    Jake:”oh it’s just my friend

    Dude u serious

  14. Unique ._. Chicken says:

    Me: *has a stressful ass day with parents fighting and me trying to keep my little brother out of it*
    Sam and Colby: *posts*
    Me: *gets my little brother and sits down with him a watches the video finally getting to relax*

    • - Yoomin- says:

      Okay but
      You get your lil bro to watch this

    • Unique ._. Chicken says:

      – Yoomin- , I watch a lot of horror stuff and he’s loves watching stuff like that, he thinks it funny when something scary happens

    • MayaLove1466 says:

      @Unique ._. Chicken Your welcome love! ???
      The most you can do for your mother is let her know you are always there for her and love her, and that you’ll support any decision she makes if it will make her happy. If its really serious and your parents end up divorcing, just know it was probably for the best. I’m assuming you are the oldest daughter, same as me. I know it can suck being the oldest, but God wouldn’t have given you that responsibility if he didn’t know you could handle it. I get how much it sucks seeing your Mom in pain, and its such a beautiful thing how much you love your little brother, I’m sure he loves you too. You are a great person, don’t let the stress change who you are. Make sure to take care of yourself as much as you take care of your Mom and brother, sending you guys lots of hugs and positive vibes! ????❤️❤️

    • Kayla Ramos says:

      I got my little sister to watch these

    • Hello Lucy says:

      Unique ._. Chicken SAME

  15. Kn T says:

    Dang. It kinda seems like they’ve lost their Kansas roots… ??

  16. Mr Suit says:

    Dear Sam and Colby I am writing a book on you guys and it’s a horror novel.

  17. Angel Courtner says:

    Jake: “wanna pass some time?”

    Sam & Colby: “sure! What you have in mind?”

    Jake: “Ever heard of Corn?”

    Me: *goofy smile*

  18. Gachaworlz grl says:

    It sucks bc I’m watching this at midnight in my living room and it’s pitch black ????

  19. Brock Jones says:

    Colby: “But we didn’t do a ritual”

    *Literaly called the fire ritual

  20. Susie Glasgow says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Not one single soul:

    Colby: *im a boy scout*

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