Ghost In The Shell (2017) – Tokyo

Ghost In The Shell (2017) – Tokyo

Ghost in the Shell Movie – coming to theatres March 31, 2017.


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20 Responses

  1. Jay Torrijos says:

    Omg they recreated the scene! &The thermo-optics! ❤❤❤

  2. Arnez Juggins says:

    omg amc had a cool promo of this in the middle of there amc animation it
    was cool!!!

  3. Joshua Channell says:

    I love it when movies either reference or give some sort of homage to what
    it’s based on. We really don’t see it that often in Hollywood movies. I do
    hope though that between now and the end of production the CGI will look
    better. It currently looks like CGI used in scene tests.

  4. I Kiss Girls says:

    I’m confused. I thought this film was following the Laughing Man plot, but
    this is straight out of the film…

  5. DeusExAstra says:

    Looks great. Cant wait for this movie.

  6. Gardetrace says:

    Please don’t suck. Seriously. I don’t wanna get my hopes up for it and it
    turns out to be crappy, but I love Ghost in the Shell and I seriously want
    this movie to be good.

  7. tylerisreallylame says:


  8. Austyn Wiles says:

    That cgi though

  9. Ranmaru Richu says:

    Honest opinion: Camouflage effect looks good, coming out of the camouflage
    looks bad lol

  10. bbb GgG says:

    stop fucking good shit up, Fuck you hollywood

  11. Illuminat3d says:

    As long as it’s visually stunning I’m all good :)

  12. Ryan Kwak (Batman) says:

    White person? #disliked #mangawasbetter

  13. john d says:

    PLZ don’t be like the live DBZ movie is all I can think about…

  14. DethGears says:

    the most awkward step forward in history. C3po has more swagger than her

  15. lesryglrhfohser says:

    this movie looks dope as fuck i don’t care if she’s white

  16. bravo streams says:

    hearing the anime intro song of the stand alone complex always gives me the
    best nostalgic feeling ever.

  17. Chaloner says:

    Oh great Hollywood took over. CRAP!

  18. Gregory Neighbors says:


  19. PicklePig1203 says:

    woah guys this one’s a real shell shocker isn’t it?

    oh shit i forgot to order the bleach

  20. SoldierT says:

    you supposed to be naked bitch!! SMH