Ghost Pepper: Day 2

Ghost Pepper: Day 2

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36 Responses

  1. Eureka RadioFire says:

    It’s not kids who are telling to stop necessarily but probably people who can’t handle spicy food. I love spicy food so this is just interesting to me. Haha!

    • Elisa Castro says:

      No, it’s people with common sense.

    • Eureka RadioFire says:

      Elisa Castro Well that too but I wasn’t going to say that because people get triggered easily.

    • MarkiMcMark says:

      Its not about spicy food…these videos are just pointless. He might as well cut himself every time he doesn’t commit to something. And the irony of all that is that he’s complaining about lack of time while wasting time for this shit.

    • Eureka RadioFire says:

      MarkiMcMark dude we were just joking around.

  2. Greyn Peachy says:

    mark you need to stop

  3. Benito Pulatso says:

    The irony is that by uploading this video, he didn’t have to eat a ghost pepper.

  4. Barbecue 101 says:

    Press F to pay respects.

  5. ZeroZx2 says:

    End of day 2

  6. ZeroZx2 says:

    Nope. I’d say that music was perfect

  7. Just Game Design says:

    Good luck with poop

  8. gaming with shaul says:

    Congrats on 20 million

  9. AFalling Tree says:

    Mark: “alexa play some dramatic music”, alexa: “ I couldn’t find any dramatic songs…” mark in his head: …well shit!

  10. JagRider923 says:

    Is it just me or has Mark has developed a huge tolerance to the Ghost pepper over the course of his embracement of self humiliation?

  11. Shad0wWolf18 says:

    The music definitely made this video that much better XD

  12. james B says:

    My biggest concern would be his butthole lmao

  13. Sodapop! :P says:

    I love waking up and watching a guy suffer!

  14. Gianis Antoniou says:

    Marks faces: excited > disappointed > confused > slightly angry > acceptance

  15. Garden Snek says:

    “Alexa! Play some badass music!” *jazz plays*

  16. Cutefluffywolfhug says:

    You haven’t done a video with Jack in awhile, maybe when your done signing calendars ?? 😁

  17. VYTO says:

    With all this practice you’ve been getting, maybe you should appear in one of those “Hot Ones” interviews when you’re not too busy.

  18. BigNat3r says:

    At this rate, ghost peppers are gonna be ineffective.

  19. Veridian says:

    Mark’s definitely gonna be tongueless by the end of this

  20. AnimalsAndReports says:

    Alexa’s score = 0
    Markiplier = 10

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