Giant jellyfish spotted by divers – BBC News

Giant jellyfish spotted by divers – BBC News

Divers have swum with a huge barrel jellyfish off the coast of Cornwall.

Lizzie Daly, a biologist with Wild Ocean Week, said the creature was as big as her body.

It is the largest species of jellyfish which is found in British waters, with the average diameter being about 40cm (16 inches).
Image by underwater cameraman Dan Abbott.

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84 Responses

  1. LGBTQplusMc2ToThePower OfNumbers says:

    Spongebob and Patrick would enjoy catching it!

  2. lil.Cathy freaks how says:

    Another reason too never swim in the ocean

  3. Mat Broomfield says:

    Magnificent – almost primordial!

  4. Mindset says:

    If it’s blue, good luck to you.
    If it’s yellow, it’s a friendly fellow.
    If it’s red, it’s dead.
    If it’s brown, swim down.
    If it’s see-through, jump out the sea too.

  5. Soma A. says:

    Something about these giant sized creatures always amazes me

  6. Greenpoloboy3 says:

    Looks like its parents were a plastic bag and a mushroom

  7. Mark A says:

    That’s the shaquille o neal of jelly fishes

  8. Chi chan says:

    You’ll find their close cousins in Area 51.

    • Coach Trini says:

      G1xtch_L0b0 easy, not everyone lives on the internet ?

    • Coach Trini says:

      phuc ewe I’ll be watching via drone coverage. Don’t wanna get hit by a sonic wave lol

    • Killer Bee says:

      If for some stroke of luck and God allowed your wee testicles to drop ,then you plan on storming GL51 .PLEASE do the world a favor and follow through, save the gene pool your genetics. Be first in line, they have been studying massive numbers of ways to die for 96yrs. The earybird gets the worm???

    • Soy Latte says:

      Killer Bee

    • Killer Bee says:

      @Soy Latte Just sad what’s happening to the world. Were witnesses to the collision of lunacy and ignorance.

  9. Bob Mitchell says:

    Hmm…this species has enough intelligence to become Britain’s next PM. ???

  10. The Hedgehog‘s Dilemma says:

    It’s Big Lenny!!!!!! The Jelly Spotters Club is going to have a field day when they see this!!!

  11. @mollymusicandstuff says:

    This is terrifying af. The little ones are bad enough!!!

  12. Karl Pilkington says:

    97% water? Just give ‘em another 3%, make em water.

  13. Hvalpikk says:

    It’s actually Boris Johnson’s hair out for a swim.

  14. Darth_Eagle1776 says:

    Wow, it’s amazing how the jellyfish knew it was Wild Ocean Week to come vist! Nature truly is incredible.

  15. James Schiltz says:

    “There is more to the Heavens and Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophies”

  16. danielfedelemusic says:

    That’s definitely not the kind of jelly that you want on your toast

  17. TheJewelTheory says:

    *It’s the Queen Jellyfish from Spongebob!!* 😮

  18. ZSTRODE. says:

    Imagine the stuff we haven’t found in our ocean!

    • Agent Plant(WIZRAD) says:

      @James Leon fighting racism with racism isnt a Smart move.

    • James Leon says:

      @Agent Plant(WIZRAD) A black person cannot be racist…shit head

    • sofaking onmynuts says:

      I didn’t want to say something was wrong with you but there is something wrong with you

    • Terrell Brumfield says:

      @Soy Latte the “story” you suggest was Danish, the book. But the actual lore and idea came from a source, that source material was jamacia. The jamacian water mumma or mermaids were different from the European portrayals of mermaids (which they got that story from ancient Assyria ) Europeans mermaids were said to be the causes of shipwrecks.
      The jamacian mermaids were loving, they combed their hairs from collections they found from ship wrecks (much like how Ariel had a collection of items from ship wrecks) the atmosphere of the little mermaid is based IN the Caribbeans, the crab is Jamaican,. You can tell Disneys influence WAS from the jamacian version. Proof is in the pudding. Oh and the Danish book vers the mermaid was green…. Not even white.

  19. Kevin Palmeros says:

    Goes to show how little we truly know about the ocean

    • Jedi_Mindset says:

      but yet the government want to go to Mars smh

    • Crystal Dreams says:

      They already did bro. Ever heard of the secret space program? Code named solar warden. Also new swabia. And operation highjump I suggest you do some research. And while you at it Goole March , 24 1933

    • stan sorensen says:

      @Crystal Dreams Yeah! I played that video game too!

  20. Psykou Pathic says:

    Finally something interesting. I’m tired of seeing this trump bullshit on my “top news” section of my feed.

    • G G says:

      It’s a great jellyfish, it’s tremendous, everyone says so. Didn’t see this jellyfish under Obama. I’m making the ocean great again. You’re welcome

    • Phil Fry says:

      Oh boy, we got another liberal leftist complaining about Trump because they watch fake news CNN. Another kid wanting socialism thinking more government involvement would be a good idea….

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