Giant McFlurry!! (20x normal McDonald’s size)

Giant McFlurry!! (20x normal McDonald’s size)

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The World’s Largest McFlurry!! Potentially… I googled it and found no contenders, so I’m not 100% sure… but this one is PRETTY BIG
Either way, summers coming and M&M McFlurry’s are bomb, so why not eat a GIANT one!!


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33 Responses

  1. Exoid says:

    That’s mental, but now I really want ice cream… just not that much

  2. COMBO says:

    The cereal killer does not stop!

    • 1000 Reasons says:

      @Dayan Badruddinov dude genuinely shut up, i wasn’t looking for a argument or anything like why you even say this stupid crap when you don’t even know the bible

    • 1000 Reasons says:

      @Dayan Badruddinov 🤦 please go do something better instead of starting problems in comments i don’t have time to talk to you i got bills to pay and barely go on youtube this is the last reply you will see goodbye and i wish you the best

    • 1000 Reasons says:

      @MdoubleHB vaccine is false hope i agree with you 🙂

    • TINA CONDIC says:

      @TheMightyFerim HELLO 👋 IT’S ME You like 👍 BTS McDonald’s

  3. kj Ford says:

    The ice cream machine when Stonie walks in :

    _nervous rattling_

  4. V01T says:

    Matt: *Puts McFlurry in a bigger cup*

    Also Matt: It tastes like a McFlurry too

  5. ok Meg says:

    Poor Matt man, he was looking like Jack from Titanic, “I’m so cold Rose”🥶🥶🥶
    M&M Mcflurry is the best though 😋

  6. 1902Mathias says:

    This is a ‘regular’ size McFlurry, shows the biggest McFlurry that I’ve ever seen in my life. America I guess 🙂

  7. S K says:

    “Why is the McDonalds ice cream machine always broken?”
    Matt Stonie- *profusely sweats*

  8. Darklanser says:

    The real victory is that Matt actually had a McDonald’s with a working ice cream machine.

  9. Monkey Baby Ni says:

    A very suitable dish in the hot season, if you put it in the cold, I think it will taste better

  10. Matt Stonie says:

    we live. come hang out!

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