Giant Minecraft machines are embarrassingly simple

Giant Minecraft machines are embarrassingly simple

I’m a fraud. In this Minecraft redstone video, we take a look at how to build giant Minecraft flying machines. Minecraft slimeblock flying machines have been a hobby of mine for years, and now I’m doing a Minecraft tutorial on how to build Minecraft flying machines. From simple minecraft flying machines, to adding complexities, to creating walking minecraft machines. This covers how to build a walking house in Minecraft, walking Minecraft robots, and more!

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52 Responses

  1. @KrishuRPS says:

    As another comment pointed out, you now need to have scar and grian try to watch this and build their own giant walking machines

  2. @bartender_billy6229 says:

    Mumbo, you should make a machine that retracts fence posts,
    Just in case you’re being chased down by a warden 😂

  3. @ur_fren_noah2642 says:

    I like Mumbo’s concept of a basic loop, and a “jumbled” loop. However, instead of jumbled loop, I think it should be called a Jumbo loop.

  4. @Lucas-ol4zx says:

    I loved this kind of redstone tutorial, its not a block by block manual, It actually explains the logic behind it

    • @Ultinuc says:

      Right? I hate redstone videos that just say “here’s how to build the thing” but not why it works. Also makes it impossible to fix if anything breaks because you don’t understand what needs to be happening

    • @pvic6959 says:

      YESS i want the _theory_ so i can learn how to do things on my own!! its like being told that 20/5 is 4. but i dont know what 20/5 means. so then when im given 20/2 idk what to do. however if division is explained, i would know what to do. “teach a person to fish” and all that

  5. @tonys202 says:

    if it is soo simple, Get Grian and Scar to watch this video and watch them making flying machines

  6. @AlexGonzalez-ek5qo says:

    I feel like every time I watch one of your redstone videos Im just like “yes mumbo whatever you say mumbo” and absorb nothing 💀

    • @309electronics5 says:

      Just like some teachers at my school. I always try to move along with it by saying yep, i know. While at the end of the day i remember nothing

    • @maxmore1911 says:

      😢 com on people mumbo made thus video for us to understand more of his Redstone videos and get in a mindset where can watch knowing what to do is like watching soccer match but you don’t understand soccer you won’t much enjoyment as some who know tricks and stuff of the game

    • @Ceenth says:


    • @elijahtronti8574 says:

      Not to undermine your very well organized and articulated video, but this stuff will never be simple for me. For one thing, too much visual stuff going on just throws me off eventually and I get a headache from squinting so hard through all the little blocks and pistons to find either the problem I’ve created or the next area to work off of😅

  7. @stephenkrahling1634 says:

    But you see Mumbo I don’t come to see an awesome robot, I come to see YOU make an awesome robot

    The principles that you’re using to make the robot may be simple, but the principles combined with your many many video making skills becomes a much more complex form of entertainment than any walking machine you could ever design

  8. @max_208 says:

    You can recognize an expert of his craft (pun intended) when he is able to explain his work and make it’s audience understand a very complex subject as if it was simple.

    • @BritishTrainspotting says:

      This is generally what most high-level skill education teaches you: If you cannot explain it briefly and concisely, you do not understand it well enough.

    • @bleh8712 says:

      It’s really quite simply ! 😂

    • @wormboyeatdirt5577 says:

      Girl I didn’t understand anything

    • @forderdrek8757 says:

      It’s quite simple, really. Not flying machines in general, if you look at something like a quarry, it can get quite complicated but this really is simple.

    • @DaTimmeh says:

      @@forderdrek8757 flying machines are simple. What they do usually is not lol. The majority of people who “didn’t understand” this video went in with the wrong mindset. Pistons push and pull, observers cause sticky pistons to “let go” of blocks. That’s literally all there is to it, and Mumbo provided a fantastic more specific explanation.

  9. @natekarren659 says:

    The diagonal wall made me think of how funny it would be to have a staircase that runs away from you when you try to use it

  10. @Mia-Waiting-For-You says:

    *_Wow! The most informative redstone video I have seen in a very long time. I always wanted to understand flying machines so thank you Mumbo! The engineer in me loves when you explain how things work instead of just being like ‘6 hours of head scratching later, I’ve done it’._*

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