Giant Paint Drill in 4K

Giant Paint Drill in 4K

Drill, baby, drill! The guys load up their massive drill bits with paint and then let it spin in this hypnotizing 4K footage. The Super Slow Show, only on YouTube.

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65 Responses

  1. RandomFlatShowsvideos says:

    Drilled!….How these guys come up with these strange ideas? It works!

  2. Andrea from Adelaide Australia says:

    40 views but 62 likes ????

  3. Because Im Batman says:

    Look at drill at 0:59 then at 1:03 they are different
    Lol, edit fail.

  4. Destruction Channel says:

    You should capture our 12 foot guillotine in super slow motion destroying something like Construction Foam~

  5. Spur-of-the-Mountain says:

    These guys can literally make any assortment of paint and objects beautiful.

  6. ツPlexyBro says:



    1:52 (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

  8. Synovyx says:

    1:30 My mind went to dirty places, Dan.

    I’m not proud of it.

  9. Magic Master says:

    6:35 was awesome

  10. FortZax says:

    You guys should make a 4k screen saver compilation

  11. Oskar West Riseby says:

    Take a mop and dip it in paint then spin it.

  12. CodeRedCody says:

    Gav always goes way over the top to compete with Dan and it’s hilarious

  13. CodeRedCody says:

    My TV always looks like it’s at 360p quality when theres to many things on the screen during a slow mo guys video

  14. Science with Katie says:

    This was ah-mazing! Looked so good!

  15. GameRex Dz says:

    3:50 “let me retract my device” 😉

  16. Jack Beavington says:

    Doesn’t Gav look like he’s always cold? XD Watch 7:30.

  17. Joshua Romer says:

    6:05 anyone notice the fly or bee escaping?

  18. LilGunner0 says:

    all these slow mos are very nice, but since u started guys to upload everyday, you guys running out of ideas, a lot of videos are almost the same.

    • sompka says:

      yeah, its more like just interesting effects and less actual science. they need to be creative to record the right things to intrigue our minds, not just colors and paint. Dont get me wrong, they done great, but I noticed the same thing as well.

  19. Captain Squid says:

    When you run out of ideas but it’s actually a good thing for once.

  20. David Crowley Trucking says:

    I would love to see a slow mo of a whip making breaking the sound barrier to create that snap!!!

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