GIANT Pancake Art Challenge!!

GIANT Pancake Art Challenge!!

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Hey guys! We made GIANT pancakes! We drew Samus, a Nintendo Switch, and even Joey! What do you think we should draw next? Let us know down below!

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51 Responses

  1. Louisa Wright says:

    Do you ever see a comment and think man I wish I commented that and got that many likes??

    Am I right or am I right

  2. BananaBallsslugger says:

    Kyle’s apron makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

    It’s it’s also somewhat distracting, ???

  3. Mason Childress says:

    J Fred is my favorite because he’s so funny and this video is proof

  4. Cboke2006 says:

    You guys should do giant pinball challenge with teams of two and bring Matt back for that video

  5. Alan Jimenez says:

    1:41 I thought he said purple so I was like “blue and reee…..oh wait

  6. Demon Girl says:

    Lol we had free pancakes at school today???

  7. Vlogs From the rock says:

    I ❤️u like this comment if u like them toooo!!!!!

  8. Shatha A says:

    Why is everyone so into pancake art now

  9. it's yagirl says:

    You can’t actually make red cause its one of the primary colors

  10. Shatha A says:

    DK should be in more videos. Who agrees

  11. Andres Sandoval says:

    HA Kyle’s apron is on point where can I get one

  12. Shatha A says:

    When the video first started I was gonna freaking out because Bryan wasn’t there but then he showed up

  13. Aylie Codes says:

    You guys should try Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, whether it’s in game or IRL.

  14. Amber Thomas says:

    Just ordered my team edge hoodie!!! Can’t wait for it to come.

  15. Football Fan says:

    Dang! They really good at pancake art?

  16. Jim Pickens says:

    I feel like pancake art challenges are way harder than they look

  17. Tristin Ray says:

    Nothing makes red its a primary color

  18. shock 44 lol says:

    Why didn’t they do Kirby for an easy point

  19. Super_Sugar says:

    9:59 honestly saw Phineas from Phineas and Ferb? idek

  20. Sophia I МАŠTURBÃTЕ WА!TСН VIDЕ0! says:

    It’s not my birthday, so can i have a like anyway

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