Giant Stress Ball vs. Construction Equipment | Will It Stretch?

Giant Stress Ball vs. Construction Equipment | Will It Stretch?

We played with heavy machinery and had an absolute blast!
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64 Responses

  1. Llama The Weirdo says:

    Early! Looks fun.

  2. Tiny Pusheen on a marshmallow! says:

    Actually Vat19 was first.

  3. Gamer Snow Wolf says:

    This is why I subscribed cause you vids are so cool

  4. Dark_ King says:

    This is why I have trust issues…

  5. claritza fleuristil says:

    Who Else Clicked Fast And Went Straight To The Comments😂?

  6. Noble Bearz says:

    All of these type of video are cool plzz do more

  7. Avalanche XD says:

    Who else thought they were first due to a glitch?

  8. Garhome and suna GT says:

    Wow vat19 is the king of selling stuff and wasting it with by having fun

  9. The Casual Bear says:

    Hey! I’m early, that looks cool btw

  10. Rafay Mufty says:

    PLZ make a halal version of gummy stuff 1 like to agree

  11. SteamingBurrito says:

    I use all of these machines for my job and I still want to go there

  12. kim jhwan says:

    They know how to have fun

  13. Tina Wankey says:

    500 comment VAT19. COM I CAN’T WAIT IM SO HAPPY

  14. Yusuf Mikaeel says:

    The prices on Vat19 are stretching.

  15. N Fus says:

    *_why’d everyone choose the top thumbnail_*

  16. Extreme Gamer says:

    4:28 i see a rainbow

  17. packrit says:

    Wasn’t the extreme sandbox on shark tank?

  18. lizard says:

    Can you make more videos like this. Like if you agree

  19. Ariel Flores says:

    When construction worker’s get bored

  20. Puddi Panda says:

    I’m thinking the stress ball’s feeling pwetty stressed right about now 😮

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