Giant Volleyball Challenge!!

Giant Volleyball Challenge!!

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44 Responses

  1. Lion Wolf says:

    How tall is Joey compared to Bobby

  2. The Dorito Hacker 12 says:

    poor Bobby, the only one without their sibling in the challenge.

  3. Bronte MinDonough says:

    I will not be the volleyball player who says, “this is cringeworthy to watch” because this is sooo funny. Also, they are trying new things with every video they make! Keep up the good work

  4. Diego Rivera says:

    Bobby: Does a fake fall


  5. Kevin Serrano says:

    *Person Screams*
    Team Edge: Oh gawd someone died in this place

  6. Nym Alous says:

    Marvin never gets the high-fives he’s looking for.

  7. Addison G says:

    Honestly y’all have gave me so much entertainment through all of this corona crap. ❤️❤️ I very much appreciate y’all.
    Also I was watching the live stream and Bryan is my favorite but no hate to Bobby and J-Fred 😂❤️ still think they are awesome

  8. Anthony says:

    0:42 is the “I vs me” a running gag or does no one correct them?

  9. Sam Hosbein says:

    Who was the grammar nazi that edited the “me*” over Bobby during the intro???

  10. Nico Stahl says:

    Did anybody else buy me notice the point counter mess up twice in a row

    • Hades Daughter says:

      It should have been a tie 😂 It gave two to Bryan and didn’t give one to Bobby

    • Flaming Phoenix says:

      And at 5:29 Kryan team got a point off of that serve even though it was served from the same spot the very next serve xD so it should’ve been Marby that won

    • Jamie Mastrantuono says:

      In the beginning it says “some rounds have been cut for your enjoyment” so they probably got points on those rounds 🙂

    • Jamie Mastrantuono says:

      Oh never mind I see what you mean

  11. Sean Kilby says:

    I’m almost positive that the “someone dying” was j-fred

  12. Backimus says:

    Im pretty sure they forgot to change the score on the blue team here: 10:10

  13. Sgt Z says:

    Edge Points: Joe: 5, Bob: 7, Bry: 10, Marv: 3, Kev: 3

  14. Addy Schultz says:

    9:16 did anyone else hear the f word😂

  15. Scarglitter08 says:

    Words of 2020
    ” How do I do that ”
    “You just hit it back”

  16. Random Cow says:

    We aren’t gonna talk about how good Bobby was with that paddle?

  17. C Wheeler says:

    The score should have been Kryan:23 and Marby:23 so it was a tie game

  18. Kealani Lopez says:

    Me: I wish volleyball wasn’t cancelled
    Team Edge: Giant Volleyball Challenge!!
    Me: well… close enough I guess

    MUCH LOVE! 💙🏐💙

  19. Hannah Alber says:

    “Ok so what should we do for our next video?”

    Team edge: big

  20. Carson Krueger says:

    Does anybody remember “I took a chance and pulled down my pants”. Only OGs

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