Giants vs. 49ers | NFL Week 10 Game Highlights

Giants vs. 49ers | NFL Week 10 Game Highlights

The New York Giants battle the San Francisco 49ers in Week 10 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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99 Responses

  1. Westcoast 57257 says:

    Niners> Giants #FACTS

  2. Lun Hing says:

    Lol come on man

  3. Matthewtheham says:

    they finally won their first game

  4. Nitendra Tiwari says:

    It felt so good to win.

  5. Davis2Nguyen says:

    Game of the year.

  6. Brahim Moussa says:

    The winner of worst NFL team:NY Giants Congra…oh wait I forgot the browns were a thing

  7. xXsavagexX says:

    Breaking News : Ben McAdoo may be fired by as soon as Monday morning.

  8. Eli Manning #goat #2-0 #ELIte says:


  9. A1 Video gamer says:

    Congrats to the 49ers on winning their first game of the season.

    -Sincerely, a Raiders fan

  10. kupodrinksmilk says:

    YES!!! My niners finally won!

  11. Gavin Douglas says:

    Man why did. I waste 3 hours of my time watching this when I could see Dallas lose
    *Wow I got this many likes thanks guys*

  12. Davie16s! says:

    This season has been a Giant abomination. Pun intended.

  13. Kooparino says:

    Giants Fans on suicide watch

  14. Trumps S.W.A.T says:

    Congrats to the 49ers- Pats fan

  15. KAD10895 says:

    49ers gonna run the table.

  16. Davie16s! says:

    The San Francisco 1-9ers

  17. raymond thai says:

    Will the 49ers win their next 6 games of the season? Will Jimmy Garoppolo ever play? Will the 49ers be the nfl best 1-15 team? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.

  18. Omega Falcon says:

    I felt something for the 9ers. Coming from a Chiefs fan.

  19. baybridge49 says:

    Hey 9er faithful, we got that win baby, I know we only 1-9, but hey, we won’t be going 0-16

  20. Misty kaneshiro says:

    49ers for LII

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