Giants vs. Broncos | NFL Week 6 Game Highlights

Giants vs. Broncos | NFL Week 6 Game Highlights

The New York Giants battle the Denver Broncos in Week 6 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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20 Responses

  1. Matt Hollingsworth says:

    Should be 4-2. We lost by last second field goals against the eagles and bucs. Then lost by chargers bc our whole receiving core got injured. You can’t say the giants are a shitty team. We don’t get blown out bad. But there will be that guy that will say we suck

  2. King Neptune Nigga says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that rodgers got injured on a regular tackle lmao

  3. Jack Stack says:

    as a Broncos fan I want to give all the credit to New York no one comes into Denver and destoys our defense like they did. Turnovers cost us, but give the giants some respect they had 1 win prior to this game fighting a fierce defense. Much respect coming from a diehard bronco. We’ll bounce back we need to get Demaryus the ball more. Giants have potential to be great they just need to put it together. Broncos will be fine this wont be a mediocre season i promise. Trust me we will be in the AFC Championship at home with the #1 seed. Great win giants you have hope!

  4. John Johnisson says:

    The Denver Broncos’ season is over because their Offense can’t product. They do not have a Quarter Back in their Roster. Plus, DT isn’t dependable, he can’t catch neither. Their Defense is great but they can only carry the whole team to so far. Sooner or later, this Defense will be fed up and given up to avoid injuries. Most likely, the Broncos will end up in an 8-8 season.

  5. God King Bob Ross says:

    Giants have some life left. I think even with 6 losses, they could still make a run for the playoffs.

  6. Xxmlgyoshi xx says:

    dont worry giants i will help u make the playoffs with my fantasy tram lol

  7. Tanner Peterson says:

    I feel like whenever the Broncos wear their navy jerseys they always lose

  8. Double_A says:

    I like the Giants, but Eli barely does long pass plays anymore

  9. tomitstube says:

    wtf are the giants doing kicking a field goal with 30 seconds left? it’s already a 2 score game, what a stupid move.

  10. sriyan ijjapureddy says:

    do a video of the full game of super bowl 51

  11. Tootie Brown says:

    Wow y’all let the sorry Giants beat y’all smh

  12. Sean Im says:

    Hmm is it just me or Simmons got hella exposed this game

  13. Easton McGlathery says:

    Everyone said giants couldn’t do bit look who came up and one by 13 when they were missing a lot of there good players. Drop a like on this comment if u agree

  14. Justin Paco says:

    If Giants had Mike sullivan playcalling the offense since week 1 instead of macanoodle then they would be 4 – 2

  15. Thraitor says:

    Lul the afc west isnt very good anymore, i guess the afc east is now the best division or the nfc east

  16. Solo Virgo says:

    As a big bro having to live up to the nationwide name, after receiving a call from Eli, peyton put in a call to Elway and said he needed a favor.

  17. Benjamin Jaeger says:

    The best thing about this is that I was there to watch mt G-men win!!!

  18. payden gaming channel with friends says:

    This is a upset

  19. Noah C. says:

    If the Giants play like this for the rest of the season:  
    vs Seahawks (1-6)
     vs Rams (2-6)
     vs 49ers (3-6)
     vs Chiefs (3-7)
     vs Redskins (4-7)
     vs Raiders (5-7)
     vs Cowboys (6-7)
     vs Eagles (6-8)
    vs Cardinals (7-8)
    vs Redskins (8-8)

    That’s a nice recovery.

  20. Nick Mosley says:

    I am a broncos fan and was my entire life, after today I still am but surprised on how bad they olayed

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