Giants vs. Cowboys Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

Giants vs. Cowboys Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

The New York Giants take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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72 Responses

  1. Mr. Kakarotto says:

    1:12 that Zach Martin block was SAVAGE ???

  2. JamesCon says:

    Getting flashbacks to Dak’s rookie season one of the best performances I’ve seen from him in the years he has played on the team

  3. Action Zach says:

    Cobb was a beast today! Strength and speed! Receiving Corp seems solid!!!

  4. T.M. Wilson says:

    Super proud of Dak!!! Man we got a Squad!! !! ??✊??

  5. siri alexa says:

    Jason witten rolling the clock back like 1978??

  6. Logan_TheGreat says:

    THE MEDIA: Dak is a average at best passer.
    DAK: Hld my Gatorade; 405 yards, 4TD’s, perfect passer rating.

    • Frederick Davidson says:

      ((((Against the Giants))))

    • jjman9 says:

      It wasn’t just the media. Dak is a great person but was a mediocre QB the past 2 seasons. It now appears that he is using his upgraded receiving corps to their full advantage.

    • PJ Dunn TV says:

      @jjman9 and he grew in his skills which is what happens in your 4th year as QB see Aikman.

    • Midas Snap says:

      @Elijah Williams apparently you are one of those. you live in a world where if they disagree with you then they must be one of those. you have made assumptions based on nothing. So in other words you’re doing exactly what one of those does

  7. Yael Nunez says:

    This offense is scary if they play well zeke dak cooper Gallup cob witten

  8. Gotdamn! MARK RAM says:

    How long has it been that we did so well we rested our starters the rest of the game??? ???

  9. Noah K21 says:

    Gg Dallas
    Dak looks phenomenal and you guys have a great team this year
    -Giants fan

  10. AtomicStriker says:

    skip: HOW BOUT DEM COW-

    shannon: SKIUUAUUPPPPP

  11. The BryannMLG says:

    Dak really wants that Lombardi Trophy ✊✊

  12. Cheese Cracker says:

    Nice to see Gallup galloping down the field??

  13. CowBoy15 says:

    “dAk CaNt ThRoW” ahahaha where y’all at now with that funny talk?! #CowboysNation

    • Brian Morkgrind says:

      I dig it, but he still needs some work. His deep ball looked a hell of a lot better than ever. Still, he under threw many wide open receivers. Either way, people doubting Dak as the future QB….. Eh, dude keeps getting better. He’s our guy.

  14. atStage says:

    Man saquon is something special. And he only got the ball 11 times

  15. RunningBear says:

    “Dak Prescott, we won’t be questioning his ability to throw from the pocket after this one.”- Troy Aikman (8Sep19)

    • gritter781 says:

      @Jose Carranza not in the last 45 seconds with the game on the line. Dak marched the offense down the field with precision. Only to be topped off with a PASS to Zeke for the game winning touchdown.

    • marquise moore says:

      @Jose Carranza Dak also hit two bombs to Dez. Zeke did ball out and seal it yea, but not ALL Zeke though.

    • Enrique G says:

      We won’t until he starts doing it consistently

    • Justin Byrd says:

      He had 2 good throws that game, rest was blown coverage or 5 yard dumpoffs come on man ?. You guys are definitely good this year but 1. It was against a high school team and 2. It was week 1. Seattle made Dalton look like the 2nd coming of Mahomes

    • 5StarFilmz says:

      He looked amazing

  16. GTRandy says:

    Should just say Barkley vs Cowboys highlights

    • daddy o says:

      saquon is way too raw honestly but the giants defense was ass ?

    • N. Willy48 says:

      troy evans you’re not wrong, Giants O-line played great and Manning was pretty solid, Giants with Tate, Ingram, Sheppard, and Saquan along with a solid O-line could mean trouble, their defense isn’t good enough to win the division but their offense might be scary good

    • Patrick Rice says:

      @troy evans The Giants showed sings of being beaten in the secondary. Some of the preseason games they won came late in the game with the backups. Get used to it for the next few games. There are young guys and they need to play together. At least the offensive line wasn’t porous.

    • NaveRobo says:

      Engram has a td and 116 rec yards and Shepard didn’t play to bad either.

  17. Sentinel creed says:

    This might be the best game of daks career so far

    • Barber ShopPole says:

      Sentinel creed numbers wise yes, but I think performing in the playoffs like against Seattle or the Packers was more impressive because he put the team on his back in the clutch and delivered.

    • Don't Trip says:

      Sentinel creed he had great success before he been doing his thing he’s all set to go to the Superbowl with these new weapons offensively

    • James C. says:

      Probably his best game. In pure statistical terms, one of the greatest games a QB has had in NFL history. Only 3, now 4, QBs had ever had a perfect passer rating with 30+ attempts, most of the QBs with a perfect rating game attempted 10-20 passes, which is far easier to do than doing it with 30+ attempts because of how the stat works (11.5% of your passes need to be TDs, can’t have any picks, have to complete something like 77% of your passes, etc.) Now that Dak is finally playing in a modern scheme he’s going to dominate.

    • Lava LifeGuard says:

      @James C. you just gave yourself a thumbs up! LoL

    • N. Willy48 says:

      Barber ShopPole the playoff game against the Packers was probably his best, he pretty much pulled us out of that second half deficit against that red hot packers team

  18. Tony Rivera says:

    How many Cowboy fans watching these highlights more than once??

  19. thedarkemissary says:

    Yeah… Dak definitely *CAN’T* throw. Skip, the only sports analyst who’d pass a drug test right now.

  20. Leo Dunson says:

    Prescot played for a contract this game, I’m now sold pay the man

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