Giants vs. Cowboys Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2018

Giants vs. Cowboys Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2018

The New York Giants take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 2 of the 2018 NFL season.

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78 Responses

  1. Fruitwoops says:

    Cowboys defense though

  2. John Michael says:

    You guys think a team will pick Dez up?

  3. Dallas Cowboyz says:

    Challenge accepted-Dak Prescott

  4. efryo - MusicOfPlus says:

    Boy, having Kris Richard to add to Rod Marinelli’s scheme is making our defense look sharp!

    • OhMyGoodnessSix says:

      Rod is good with the line line and Kris is good with the back field. Ranked 5th in pass/game. Ranked 6th in defense overall.

  5. jabron2009 says:

    don’t let this distract you from the fact that the browns haven’t won a game since december 2016

  6. baudel ponce says:

    Dallas looks like they can just run all day with Tavon, Dak and Zeke. Very promising if they can get Dak to be like Cam, Dallas can be unstoppable.

  7. YoungOnyx says:

    Statistically the cowboys are the #1 Defense in the NFL right now

  8. NoxZero says:

    Cowboys offense needs to improve. They were explosive for a few drives but majority looked like what we saw last week. Use Beasley and fit Rico Gathers into the plan! ! ! Zeke isn’t finding much inside. o line needs to make more holes for him.

  9. Alex Yoon says:

    10:05 looks like zeke is running away from zombies trying to eat him.

  10. N G42188 says:

    The Block Is Hot #CowboysNation

  11. First Last says:

    1 win is not enough to convince me our offense is ok. But our defense is legit.

  12. hozeyy says:

    Eli got tossed around like an old rag😭

  13. Quinn Mark says:

    Gonna walk out here with a W because #wedemboyz βœŒπŸ˜‚

  14. Phiology says:

    7:50 Eli going to feel that hit all week

  15. Frankie Russell says:

    I’m here to see Eli get sacked 4 times in 1half.

  16. Wiskers Games says:

    You can see it on the players faces. They can’t cope with another 3-13 season, it’s Week 2 and Odell still hasn’t scored a TD. Eli has no chance to get rid of the ball because of the revolving doors that are the O-Line.

    The Giants really need to step it up and make some big changes if they actually want to have a winning season again.

    • Wiskers Games says:

      Joshua Traffanstedt I agree. I like Barkley but we could have just had Gallman and Stewart running the ball and Darnold learning behind Eli for a season. Lauletta isn’t ready to start yet but I think we should just to see his potential. The Giants are scouting QBs currently, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Manning is replaced next season.

    • Megaton Gaming says:

      Same thing with Dak last season. O-line sucked, Zeke was missing, and Dez dropping passes all over the place. Dak was running for his life. With all that said, people don’t give Dak credit dispite all those issues. The man went through hard times but still had more TDS than Ints last season. I don’t blame him for the losses, but blame the coaching staff… mainly Jason Garrett.

    • NeCrOs says:

      +Wiskers Games the QBs next draft are awful I’d get a lineman for sure no matter what first round even if we get a qb he can’t get the ball off cause the line is horrible

  17. MegaClintbeastwood says:

    I didn’t know Odell still played for the giants until there was 3 mins left in the game…….

  18. James Morales says:

    This is why I never change my profile pic……..

  19. Kelvin Imosemi says:

    I swear I feel so bad for Eli .buddy has 2 rings against Brady and all he gets called is average .look at the state of his o line , it’s supposed to be improved this season , well the improvements are hard to see .for everyone criticizing Eli …there’s something called routes that have to be run before the ball gets thrown .Eli doesn’t get a chance at all with that o line …he just got popped and punked all game …it’s a shame because no quarterback would survive such yet Eli gets all the stick .it’s unfair ,common sense ain’t very common .a blind man could see that he isn’t even being given a chance with that o line .
    I support the pats btw

    • Paul Brasfield says:

      Kelvin Imosemi nah…Eli just honestly sucks

    • drunk drywaller says:

      Luis Cruz Ok? Tell me what Rivers has done his whole career besides choke

    • Luis Cruz says:

      +drunk drywaller “Eli Sucks”Β was a chant that rained down on Eli over and over when the Giants visited San Diego in 2005 for the first time since the trade. It made for a wild atmosphere, but it’s not a true statement. He is far from a QB who sucks. He is quite good…just not as good as Rivers, who has him beat in a vast amount of regular season categories:
      Rivers – 64.4%
      Eli – 59.7%
      Edge – Rivers
      Yards per Game
      Rivers – 254.6
      Eli – 239.9
      Edge – Rivers
      Rivers – 2.6%
      Eli – 3.2%
      Edge – Rivers
      Touchdown Passes
      Eli – 320 (has appeared in 21 more games than Rivers)
      Rivers – 314
      Rivers- 5.3
      Eli – 4.7
      Edge – Rivers
      QB Rating
      Rivers – 94.7
      Eli – 83.7
      Edge – Rivers
      Y/A (yards gained per pass attempt)
      Rivers – 7.7
      Eli – 7.1
      Edge – Rivers
      Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt
      Rivers – 6.34
      Eli – 5.95
      Edge – Rivers
      Rivers – 5.8
      Eli – 4.6
      Edge – Eli
      4th Quarter Comebacks
      Eli – 30
      Rivers – 22
      Edge – Eli
      Game-winning Drives
      Eli – 39
      Rivers – 26
      Edge – Eli
      Pro Football Reference Approximate Value (AV)
      Rivers – 164
      Eli – 143 (Eli had benefit of 21 more games to gain value and still trails by 21)
      Edge – Rivers
      Pro Football Reference Advanced Passer Rating
      Rivers owns this category vs. Eli head-to-head
      He has a record of 9-1-1 vs. Eli when comparing Rate+ over each season.
      RushingΒ (includes all fumbles, even if own team recovered)
      Eli – 284 attempts, 514 yards, 5 TD’s, 1.8 yds/carry, 104 fumbles
      Rivers – 317 attempts, 575 yards, 3 TD’s, 1.8 yds/carry, 91 fumbles
      Edge – Even
      Things haven’t changed much since college. Over their collegiate careers,Β RiversΒ bestedΒ Eliin completion %, passing TD’s, rushing TD’s, yards per attempt, QB Rating, adjusted passing yards per attempt, and yards per game (even when taking out Eli’s freshman year). Also, Rivers attempted 347 more passes than Eli and still had fewer career interceptions (34-35). Eli managed to possess a better TD % (5.9-5.5). The SEC has long been considered the creme de la creme in college football, but the ACC is no slouch.

      One of the most impressive stats about Rivers is that he has played well behind the worst offensive lines compared to his contemporaries since 2009 according to an article fromΒ Bolts From the BlueΒ that utilized info from Pro Football Focus.
      Occasionally, some fans will point out that Rivers hadΒ LaDainian TomlinsonΒ (LT) toΒ hand the ball off toΒ at the beginning of his career. There certainly was no better safety blanket to have. Plus, they hadΒ Michael TurnerΒ andΒ Darren SprolesΒ backing him up and Lorenzo Neal leading the way at fullback. No question they had one of the most desired backfields of that era. What goes unmentioned is that Eli had his own elite RB to rely on.
      During Eli’s first three years (2004-2006),Β Tiki BarberΒ accumulated 31 total TD’s to go along with 1,006 rushing attempts for 5,040 yards, which comes out to 5.0 yards per carry. He also had 164 receptions for 1,573 yards.

      LT, during Rivers’ first three years (2006-2008), ran 955 times for 4,399 yards, which comes out to 4.6 yards per carry. He reeled in 168 catches for 1,409 yards and blew by Tiki when it came to total TD’s (61) and had only three fumbles to Tiki’s nine. Yes, LT was the best when Rivers kicked off his starting career, but it’s not as if Eli had a replacement-level player to work with. In fact, you can make the argument that Tiki was a Top 5 running back during those years. It should also be noted that Eli began his starting career midway through 2004, so he didn’t get to benefit from all of Tiki’s production.
      When it comes to performance in wins, Rivers has outclassed Eli over their careers and in the last few years. As of Dec. 25, 2016, Rivers could not afford to play even average if the Bolts were to win. In the 27 wins of the Mike McCoy era (2013-2016), Rivers was 671-946 throwing the ball, which is good for a 70.9% accuracy rate. He accumulated 7,978 yards to go along with 66 TD’s and 15 INTs. That adds up to a 112.9 QB Rating.
      In the Giants’ 29 wins during the same time-frame (as of 12/25/16), Eli was 662-1001 (66.1%) with 7,281 yards, 56 TD’s, and 19INT’s. That equals a 98.2 QB Rating. His 2013 performance in victories played a large role in knocking down his numbers.

      Perhaps to the surprise of some, Rivers also owns the superior fourth quarter stats:
      Eli – 1051-1785 (58.9%), 12,642 yds, 98 TD, 69 INT, 106 rushing yards, 0.7 yds per carry, 1 rush TD, 82.9 QB Rating
      Rivers: 938-1526 (61.5%), 11,451 yds, 81 TD, 53 INT, 152 rushing yards, 1.0 yds per carry, 87.8 QB Rating
      However, Eli does have some areas where he has exceeded Rivers in value. That includes the postseason:

      Completion %
      Rivers – 60.3
      Eli – 60.5
      Edge – Eli
      Yards per Game
      Rivers – 240.6
      Eli – 234.6
      Edge – Rivers
      QB Rating
      Rivers – 85.2
      Eli – 87.4
      Edge – Eli
      Rivers – 4.0
      Eli – 4.5
      Edge – Eli
      Rivers – 3.3
      Eli – 2.3
      Edge – Eli
      Net yards gained per pass attempt
      Rivers – 6.92
      Eli – 6.23
      Edge – Rivers
      Yards gained per pass attempt
      Rivers – 8.0
      Eli 7.0
      Edge – Rivers
      Game-winning drives
      Eli – 5
      Rivers – 1
      Edge – Eli
      Adjusted net yards per pass attempt
      Rivers – 6.29
      Eli – 6.12
      Edge – Rivers

    • drunk drywaller says:

      Luis Cruz I don’t think you understand the point of football. It’s a team sport and the main goal is to win a Super Bowl.. something Rivers will never do and Eli has done twice. I’ll agree that Rivers is the better regular season QB, but he just can’t ever find a way to get it done when it matters.

  20. Isaiah Henry says:

    So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that Zeke trucked Landon 1:19 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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