Gift Wrap – SNL

Gift Wrap – SNL

An overenthusiastic employee (James Franco) causes problems for his customers (Heidi Gardner, Beck Bennett, Leslie Jones, Kenan Thompson).


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47 Responses

  1. The 13th Doctor says:

    Choo choo paper.

  2. Auti says:

    literally everyone broke during this sketch ?

  3. Fulfilled Rouge says:

    James “floppy bow ? “ Franco #BloodyBastard

  4. The 13th Doctor says:

    I genuinely thought Leslie was going to throw up.

  5. Karen's World says:

    Everyone breaking made this sketch

    And the blood spittake

  6. Marlar House says:

    Do guests never memorize lines? Franco’s constantly looking at cue cards/teleprompter instead of at the people he is supposedly talking to. Not sure why that bugs me, but it does.

    • Jes Pulido says:

      It’s always bugged me too, but it’s just part of their “brand,” I guess.

    • Aaron Chamberlain says:

      Marlar House as everyone has said, they can literally make major modifications right before it gets performed based off feedback from the first non live audience. If you photographic memory sure, otherwise no. Also if you paying to him read cue cards instead of the fountains of blood, dont know what to say.

    • kaduzy says:

      Yeah he never makes eye contact.

    • serrocXIII says:

      It’s ALWAYS been that way

    • Cat Waller says:

      it’s a lot harder to do the show than you might think. i don’t mean this as an insult but you should really read a book or two about it. you can find quite a few on amazon.

  7. Harrison McKinney says:

    Blood right in her mouth! Dude I think Leslie was actually about to puke!

  8. Samson Nesser says:

    I love when SNL does stupid skits like this. It’s always so hilarious.

  9. Midnite says:

    When he pulled his leg up, it was already cut ???

  10. Simon James says:

    This was hilarious! When Franco spit the blood into Leslie’s mouth, I just lost it. Leslie did such a great job too freaking out afterwards. Great skit!

  11. Steph L says:

    So much went wrong & still laughed way too hard at this ?

  12. Somethingclever says:

    I feel like that was Leslie Jones’ actual reaction and not acting lol

    • stlbum69 says:

      You can tell by watching Kenans reaction franco was not supposed to spit up in her face like that, but imho thats what made the sketch epic!!

  13. Isaiah Lawrence says:

    This sketch gave me anxiety lol


    Leslie should’ve punched james

  15. Chad Roman says:

    James Franco was just having way too much fun here, and it worked. I would not want to be the poor bastard stuck cleaning that mess up afterwards.

  16. PhotoGeorge says:

    I think this was a Tie-In to his Movie- “48 Hours”.

  17. David Gasc says:

    Holy shit this sketch had me laughing so hard the back of my head was hurting from smiling and laughing

  18. Peter Schipper says:

    Leslie was NOT having any of that

  19. TheAnyfingname says:

    Walk it off.

  20. Eddie Cardwell says:

    Why was his leg already cut off lmao wtf

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