#GimmeFive FLOTUS Style

#GimmeFive FLOTUS Style

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, accepts her husband, President Barack Obama’s challenge to show him five ways she moves. http://letsmove.gov

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19 Responses

  1. seygra20 says:

    Love that nail colour. Michelle core is strong wow.

  2. dennis dionisio says:

    Michelle Obama’s workout routine

  3. Mariano Castillo says:

    0:43 God…First Lady is very sexy and she has nice legs and backside…
    God bless America…

  4. Deborah Moore says:

    Check it out!

  5. metalgate1979 says:

    Man, she’s inadvertently made Barak look like the little bitch he is.
    Michelle is definitely the man in this marriage. How’s that helmet and
    granny pants going for ya, Barry?
    Good lord, you people are a joke.

    Just stop.

  6. albert r says:

    Poor Barrack , I could tell she a tough person , he better watch out for
    that side kick ….Rock On first lady ..

  7. Back to Basics Bodyweight Fitness says:

    Excellent example!

  8. MIMIC8801 says:

    Get it, Michelle

  9. Michael Hinsley says:

    Michelle Obama Puts Everyone Else To Shame With This Workout Video

  10. Elizabeth .JustElizabeth says:

    Bet that bench is the only thing she’s ever straddled.

  11. Marie Nurse Aesthetician says:

    I’m really impressed that the FLOTUS actually works out. Cool!

  12. Catherine Rouse says:

    love the video

  13. copyRtest1 says:

    Joan Rivers was right. Michelle Obama is a transvestite. Look it up. Read.

  14. patrick mclaughlin says:

    Does the white house really think we are this dumb? 

  15. Roberto Guerrero says:


  16. Kreme Korn says:

    If this isn’t the best first lady ever! Plus she got me feeling some kinda

  17. Kreme Korn says:

    Check out FLOTUS. The dopest first lady ever! 

  18. Da_Most_Shady says:

    FLOTUS is a beast!