Girl Fits Into Fish Tank ft. Sofie Dossi

Girl Fits Into Fish Tank ft. Sofie Dossi

Can we fit human pretzel Sofie Dossi into a rolling suitcase? Find out! GMM #1288.2
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72 Responses

  1. Rhynovor says:

    is it me , or is she pretty as hell?

  2. Dustin Nguyen says:

    Link’s sad attempts at this were hilarious.

  3. Fox Girl says:

    I’m small and I can fit in a box

  4. Nameless says:

    Would you bend over backwards to watch a contortionist?

  5. CivilGuy says:

    What the absolute… what?? How is this possible??

  6. Tiffany Pringle says:

    I’ve seen this girl before she’s incredible.💖💖

  7. Hulk Smash says:

    I freaking love Link’s reaction and attempt…lmao

  8. Danu Sukmawan Aji says:

    “You couldve just squatted”

  9. Bugalybugalyboo says:

    legend has it shes 87% rubber

  10. xlionxksa says:

    Link “i think i could’ve done that”


  11. UnPhayzable says:

    My brain stopped working after the first 30 seconds

  12. UnPhayzable says:

    Traveling by box really cuts down on plane ticket expenses

  13. Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez says:

    I loved the shot where they were sitting there eating pizza, and Sofie is in the middle like,don’t mind me, just eating some pizza.

  14. L J. says:

    Sofie has nothing on Link. He spend half of Buddy System S2 in Rhett’s bean bag! 😁

    (Not a euphemism for anything kids, just Rhett’s actual bean bag 😅)

  15. Gorilla King51 says:

    This is a perfect follow up episode to Will it Pretzel? Softie Dossi, Will it Pretzel?
    YES!! It will pretzel!

  16. TheRadiantDehd says:

    Rhett and Link: Can you get in this?

  17. Adrianna Paulina says:

    Life in a nutshell:
    >”I think I coulda done that.”
    >”There’s an easier way.”
    >more screaming
    >give up and eat pizza

  18. Cody Whitlock says:

    You know what I could do if I was that flexible… 😏… beat anyone at limbo 😂

  19. Bloody Girl says:


    i can’t do that……

  20. Chloe Renèe says:

    I love Sofie Dossi!!!!

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