Girl Talk As You Grow Up

Girl Talk As You Grow Up

Remember when you were in kindergarten and girl talk consisted of playing house and juice box flavours? And now y’all playing house for real and drink all the wines.
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Watch If Girl Talk Sounded Like Guy Talk –

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83 Responses

  1. IISuperwomanII says:

    Tell me y’all have gone through this too?! Super Sixty starts now bbs, comment below – what to you and your girl friends talk about! 😂🤔

  2. SoniasWay says:

    But kids these days don’t behave like kids anymore, they start behaving like adults so early.
    … Anyway, I try to create vids about stuff too, hoping to spread some love like Lilly.

  3. Vintage says:

    1:23 is my friends in the bathroom.

  4. The Vrinda Story says:

    0:09 😂😂😂

  5. ayla khan says:

    I can’t explain in words how accurate and lovely this video is now if you excited me I’m going to watch this a couple more times

  6. Simp_li Avery says:

    It’s my moms bday today!!!

  7. Miss Antarctica says:

    “The toilet ate one of my cousins.”
    Aaand, new horror movie.

  8. Wafa Berry says:

    Wowww the accuracy. I feel old

  9. N Pertin says:

    Hey Superwoman,
    As a kid, I always LOVED your videos. Whenever I was sad or down all I had to do was come to YouTube and escape watching your videos and laughing till I had tears rolling down my cheeks.
    But of late, as I’ve matured, I haven’t been feeling the same. I want to, so badly, keep supporting you so once in a while I do watch your videos but somehow I feel like that connection has broken or more like one side has grown out of it and the other hasn’t and this breaks my heart.
    I hope your videos too grow in a positive direction. We love you! Keep growing! Keep inspiring! ♥️

    • Monika Choudhary says:

      Her content is focused more and more on young teenagers now. It’s tough to relate to anything

    • Hemakshi Soni says:

      i feel exactly the same. i used to always be one of the first to watch her videos but now i still havnt watched her videos from like 2 weeks ago. in the end i always catch up but i just dont find her videos that funny anymore. i love lilly so much but i like her personality and the things she stands for (girl love etc) more than her youtube videos. maybe it’s because ive matured and my taste has changed but ill continue watching her videos because lilly was and still is one of my greatest inspirations in life.

    • just another fangirl says:

      Are you guys breaking up with superwoman?

    • Moonlit says:

      thank god someone said it.. can’t stand these school related, ‘kid vs teen’ or ‘types of people’ videos anymore; she’s literally 30 years old and still posts the same content that she used to 8 years ago. her subs grew up with her and matured, yet she’s still stuck in this era which confuses me

  10. Luke Konyer says:

    Yassssss university not college. Yass Canada

  11. TheDaintyAnimator OfGacha says:

    Middle school kids now a day are very different.They curse,yell,etc. THEY CRAZY 😀

  12. BOLA OLAGBIYAN says:

    Middle school girl talk is more elementary school talk. And elementary school talk is more what like 7 year olds talk about. Same with hs it’s what ms girls talk about now days 😂 no hate just my opinion

  13. Tony Flamingo says:

    Imagine having the same hairstyle all your life

    • Tumblr Girl says:

      I have the same hairstyle for all my life😂

    • Maria Morfou says:

      I was the 1000th like u can thank me

    • Grover Bowie says:

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    • _Chapternumberone _ says:

      Grover Bowie really? what do you have to do for it? just writing your opinion for some surveys? I searched a lot for such websites but they‘re often just scam..

    • Evoo Evoo says:

      _Chapternumberone _ It is scam don’t trust this dude

  14. Nat Anglin says:

    All these people saying Lilly doesn’t understand age or how people talk. Like guys a) this is all subjective, not everybody will have the same experience and b) you need to recognize that a lot of kids nowadays are in a bigger rush to grow up. Lilly grew up in the 90s before the age of social media, it was a very different time

  15. The Furry ARMY says:

    It’s been 84 years and we still haven’t had a girl’s trip

  16. Inspire Wolf says:

    All these salty middle schoolers my gosh lol

  17. Tarini Mathur says:

    I’m still focused on the fact that they are friends their whole life😂😂🤞

  18. 로미언니RomiUnnie says:

    0:30 “Nobody likes Howie!”
    But I liked Howie..😫😫

  19. তেই তেই এর বউ /V's illigirl/ says:

    Trust me that Girl’s trip never happens….. 😐

  20. Nimrit Randhawa says:

    Get yourself a lifelong friend like blonde Lilly

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