Girlfriend Of Vegas Shooter Arrives At LAX From Philippines For Questioning

Girlfriend Of Vegas Shooter Arrives At LAX From Philippines For Questioning

The Las Vegas gunmen’s girlfriend arrived at Los Angeles International Airport Tuesday night and will be taken by authorities for what is expected to be intense questioning.

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19 Responses

  1. Stinson, Chris says:

    The suspect shot 600 people? Are they sure it’s only one guy? Hmmm….. it’s even interesting though is that they said she was his wife, but then girlfriend and now roommate. Get your lies straight! I mean facts!

  2. Lilly Rose says:

    I doubt a 62-year-old Asian woman had anything to do with this. Maybe he sent her the money because he knew he would commit suicide. He wanted to leave something behind.

  3. Fa Vang says:

    She ‘dindu nuffin’.

  4. the best77 says:

    I love how the media can dig up a lot of photos of the gf, but only two of the “shooter”.
    You the real MVP media!!!!

  5. Juree Basil says:

    Why is her face and name being blasted to everyone as if she is guilty of something? I get that she is a person of interest… but unless she is getting charged for something this is just messed up. I really hope she is innocent.

  6. SGT. York says:

    If she had known knowledge and didn’t report it. She’s an accomplice to Heinous crime! You people are fucken ignorant!

  7. Jim NORRIS says:

    OMG they going to go after the Dog nxt.
    They just want someone to blame

  8. KITTIEKAT221 says:

    They’re are so many women living with crazy men…just ready to pop the fuck off…sad!

  9. petty yeti says:

    Idubbbz got more views in under 12 hours he should be #1 trending

  10. Quiet Life says:

    I am totally in shock that my bff would kill the fck outta all of you. I’m just totes dumbfounded. MOtherfuckers.

  11. The L Giver says:

    If it were a mexican,arab,asian,indian, or anything else they consider it a Terrorist. but now they see it as a troubled white man SMH

  12. The Not Tryna Be Somebody Else says:


  13. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    Wow. He was a race-mixer, too? What a degenerate.

  14. Theclaw Yaww says:

    Dont let the shooting distract you from how good she looks for a 62 year old woman.

  15. Ashley Gomez says:

    They are going to put the blame to this poor woman. Scary media full of lies.

  16. 1 view says:

    We need a ban on guns now!!!!! Not later not yesterday now!! Guns kill people not people so many guns are in army bases just planing attacks as we speak! Do you want to live in a world run by guns!? Our future children will be eating bullet cereal for Christ sake! Wake up!

  17. Lucas Smith says:

    Dont tell me they seriously pin this on the asian woman

  18. Marc M says:

    I’m glad that damn terrorist is dead. People can’t even go to a concert without fearing for their lives.

  19. bake snake says:

    The Philippines has a heavy connection to ISIS. Some cities are controlled by them.

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