GIRLS IN PUBLIC VS GIRLS ALONE || How You Do Things Alone VS In Public! by 123 GO!

GIRLS IN PUBLIC VS GIRLS ALONE || How You Do Things Alone VS In Public! by 123 GO!

Do you feel like you can really let loose when you’re all alone? We’re talking, stuffing your face and dancing in your underwear kind of alone time…

Don’t be embarassed, we all do it! Today, we’re learning the difference between the way you act in public versus when you’re all by your lonesome.

If you could relate to these public vs reality scenarios, share these hilarious clips with your friends!

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72 Responses

  1. Rose meow says:

    Why do people say first or second btw love your vids <3

  2. soumili khanra says:

    How many people watching this by lying on the bed

  3. Savage Kitty says:

    I pressed as soon as I got the notification,can you guys please do their voice reveals

  4. HA AS IB says:

    When you are early and dont know what to comment?

  5. Sathi Rani Gupta says:

    Really the best channel

    Who agrees with me???

  6. Sathi Rani Gupta says:

    Anyone from Bangladesh or India???

  7. SILVER MOON says:

    You know that ? of this views are boys we are so embarrassed ? ???

  8. Manjushree Srivastava says:

    Video- 5 minutes ago
    Comments- 12 minutes ago
    *wHaT tYpE oF sOcCeRy Is ThIs?*

  9. Scarlet's Gaming says:

    Who else is scrolling threw the comments while

  10. B Ningthouja says:

    I’m saying this again, Olivia is gorgeous.

  11. Harsha Ganesh says:

    Guys don’t we all miss vicky and halley? Hit like if u agree!!

  12. Ayushi says:

    I miss Halley and Vicky a lot…they were my fav but I love this channel too lmao

  13. COCO art&craft says:

    Whoever is reading this have a blessed weekend filled with happiness and good luck

    Smile and be happy
    Good regards from an art and craft channel

  14. Sams days says:

    1:50 so me when I have chips & ice cream or milkshake

  15. Ava lafrèł says:

    so it’s okay to twerk when listening to break up with ur bf ariana grande?! ALONE!!

  16. stella_ WOO says:

    It’s okay Olivia your super-moves are safe with us *hides a camera and posts it on YouTube*

  17. PUTRI SYAFIAH_cutie says:

    *McFlury is very delicious,am i right???*

  18. Kamille Joyce vlogs says:

    Sad helly and vicky doesnt in the video like this if u miss them

  19. Kennedy Fish says:

    1.50 when Emily dipping the French fries in mcflurry and eating it I was like eeeewwwwwww

  20. Elena Gronti says:

    If you miss Vicky and you want to come back live a like and a comment. Please Vicky come back. ????

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