Girls To Men | Jamie’s Transgender Transmission Timelapse

Girls To Men | Jamie’s Transgender Transmission Timelapse

Girls To Men | 10pm, October 13th | Channel 4
Born in the Wrong Body Season |

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20 Responses

  1. Agung Dharma says:

    Born in wrong Body ?????.. God is wrong ???? Or their life story is wrong

  2. hassan ismail says:

    Everyone is born in the right body and that what god chooses for you , you
    can’t Change it , I’m against the stupid and ugly transgender thing .. Even
    animals doesn’t do that

  3. ༼ つ◕ω◕ ༽つ WOW says:

    I want that fucking beard. I was born a guy but I’m seriously considering
    taking some testosterone. :S

  4. Fco. Alfonso Jimenez says:

    vete. ala. mierda. estúpida perra. arrastrada. ledi. plaser. atu. mama

  5. Jordan Panzer says:

    Sick people hardcore mental illness

  6. RustyNailGaming says:

    i might sound very stupid.. but everybody keep sharing these trans videos
    “Girls to men” like what is this? Is she actually a girl wants to be a boy
    or what.. i dont get it.. or.. a boy just girly looking? and wants to look
    more like a man?

  7. BS_gamerz_DK says:

    what about his dick? i mean does it grow out or something

  8. Jon Snow says:

    But does he make sexist jokes every 5 seconds?

  9. vorpal22 says:

    Transguys are so often so. freaking. hot! Here is yet another example.
    I have nothing but deep respect for the many challenges that trans people
    are able to face and overcome.

  10. Mr Veens says:

    Thats a great transformation. Wow.
    I’m a boy of 20 yrs…i think i need to take testosterone bc i have no
    beard. :/

  11. Abby Normal says:

    She still have a vagina right ?

  12. Kaptin Ahab says:

    Now, try turning those ovaries into testicles.

  13. xBROCKxii xLESNARxii_BEAST says:

    ya but he still got a vagina

  14. kkboxer20 says:

    Why is youtube promoting this bullshit?

  15. Maryam Ahmad Khaleqi says:


  16. Michael Brown says:

    she’s still a faggot

  17. Jonathan Belmont says:

    well, guess if i want to have huge fucking eyes i better start drinking the
    kool aid

  18. schwab dab says:


  19. Savethe Males says:

    She is still a she. No amount of hormones can change her genetics. She
    identifies with the archetypes of a man, but she has no idea of what it
    feels to BE a man.

    Stop with the propaganda already.

  20. Jareth The Goblin King says:

    Now this is what I call progress.