Give and Take | Old Spice

Give and Take | Old Spice

This is a reasonable facsimile of a real story about a real moment that’s all about some real ingredients.

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Still reading? It’s about to get real boring. The rest of this description has been written for robots and algorithms and Deon Cole’s and Gabrielle Dennis’s moms. It’s almost time to leave for work and she’s spotted a new Old Spice antiperspirant from the Fresher Collection, Wilderness with Lavender. He has to assert it’s HIS new deodorant, for MEN, even if it is LAVENDER SCENTED. She counters, “But I like the smell of it,” and a struggle ensues over the relaxing new scent.

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33 Responses

  1. UnHolyCombos says:

    Yo these commercials are the best, super smooth

  2. Shuvan Haldar says:

    Well im not first but im close enough

  3. Hectorg 575 says:

    Oh yea I’m early to an old spice ad

  4. thats daroin says:

    Where my old spice fans at?

  5. CircaSriYak says:

    “It’s for men”
    He said as he tightened his grip, not for want of the product in his hands but the damned anger in his bosom as he realized the true implication of his maidens deception. For he knew that if it truly was for the male species, then surely it could not be that the maiden was in fact not a trap

  6. Jacob Maximus says:

    Well yes I’m subscribed to old spice and have notifications on, is there a problem?

  7. ZXN0 W07F says:

    *Old Spice ads are some of the few ads I actually enjoy watching!*

  8. deon cole says:

    I’m going to have to hide mine!!! @deoncole #menhaveskintoo

  9. deon cole says:

    she doesn’t get it! lol @deoncole #menhaveskintoo

  10. ImmortalKitsune says:

    I want the Old Spice jingle to be played with violin from now on in every commercial.

  11. Jason Rasmussen says:

    I just bought 64oz of Swagger. I just changed a water heater today. I’m typing this in bed next to my wife. Manly.

  12. TheMirabillis says:

    Australia will most probably never get these products. We only have “Swagger” and “Champion” body washes and that is all. None of the other Old Spice products are available. That is the bad thing about the company who have created them. Namely, they have created them mostly for an American market only.

  13. Nincadalop says:

    “Taking Stock”
    “Give and Take”
    Wonder what the next one will be

  14. Jordan Reynolds says:

    Thank you Old Spice, VERY cool!

  15. Kwabena Donkor says:


  16. Lorraine G. says:

    Damm boo Let him have Some thing lol let it Go lol

  17. SimpLee Beth says:

    Yes! More Deon Cole please!!!

  18. Queen T says:

    She’s obsessed with the Lavender ??? LOL love it

  19. Kira Ruffin says:

    Damn! That’s a NICE walk in closet!!!

  20. Sonow What says:

    These two need their own show. Highly entertaining!

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