Giving $300,000 to Students

Giving $300,000 to Students

Thanks again to the anonymous donor who made this possible!

Merch –

100% of all ad revenue, merch sales, and brand deals I receive from this channel will go towards our food pantry!

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37 Responses

  1. Beast Philanthropy says:

    Don’t forget that all the ad rev, merch sales, and brand deals I receive off this channel go towards running my food pantry! Next video will be an update from the communities we feed <3

  2. Vikinger says:

    Jimmy is honestly the BEST

  3. • Moonlight Forever • says:

    Spending $300,000 for a 3 minute video that isn’t even on his main. If that isn’t kindness I don’t know what is.

  4. Randomable Randomify Unknownable Unknownify says:

    1:00 Man this guy deserves an oscar

  5. Lost_ Gamer says:

    “We’re playing roblox, we’re playin Minecraft” that guy sounds absolutely amazing

    • Farted I did not says:

      @Tempest If don’t don’t appreciate the classics then get outta here, you uncultured swine!

    • Gerrald Yovindi says:

      He’s a black version of chandler

    • shadyy knight says:

      @Tempest if you think minecraft trasg your oppionion is invalid so nobody listen to this kid , he probably plays fortnite and hes probably like 6 years old

  6. TurboGaming13 says:

    Seeing a mrbeast ad 3 times on a mrbeast video. Ladies and gentlemen, we have discovered perfection.

  7. Someone on Earth says:

    If any other youtuber did this, then i swear it would be a 28 min long video

  8. can kitten Talk says:

    Can we take a moment to appreciate jimmy and helping out loads of people

  9. Nightmare says:

    Jimmy: “a door is blocking my way”


  10. MaccariTA says:

    Heart touching every single time. I’ll watch all of it without skipping the ads to fund the next video (and buy merch!) (:

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