Giving My Mentor a 3,000 Year Old Tradition for Christmas

Giving My Mentor a 3,000 Year Old Tradition for Christmas

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Colin’s Video:

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36 Responses

  1. colinfurze says:

    Your face be dammed lol, see you in the spring Xyla……bring a helmet haha

  2. BazilRat says:

    You got to admire Colin there. He’s not *that* concerned for his own safety, but when it comes to someone else? He won’t send something dangerous.

    • Daniel Mallett says:

      Class act.

    • CarlosBrabo says:

      Shipping costs? Cmon, these videos make much more money. The problem was that colin audience expects him to do edgy crazy stuff and Colin just did it. It sucks that he cant gift it to someone, but the main reason of this campaign is to give more views and subs to other makers, and colin nailed it, since his built just brought more atention to everybody

    • Tyler says:

      @Munkustrap the dude built a bunker under his house. Prolly has a few dollars or so to spare.

    • Matt Curr says:

      well she doesnt have a safety tie

    • BazilRat says:

      @WFGuy Funny, but not *that* dangerous.

      At least not compared to THIS thing!

  3. ThatKoukiZ31 says:

    How was Colins gift MORE terrifying than the fire explosion contraptions that were on screen and in our imaginations??

  4. Bob Thompson says:

    “And that, children, is when personal protective equipment became part of our Christmas tradition.”

  5. tlanfer says:

    That practice of every owner in the lineage putting their stamp on it is really cool. You should’ve made your own stamp and put that on Direstas gift!

    • Avana Vana says:

      That’s what diresta did to the gift he made on his channel. But not because of this tradition/practical record/pedigree—he does put his last name on literally everything, and wears it on his clothes.

    • Helen247 says:

      YES! 100%

    • Cat Gynt says:

      I hope you added an explanation of the four symbols and how they apply to Jimmy. Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas season, gentle weather and restful evenings. Peace dear lady 😊

    • Keith Violette says:

      Awesome idea.
      I had made a company logo in CAD, mirrored it and had it 3D printed in stainless steel. It was then threaded onto the end of a large old soldering iron and was used to wood-burn the logo.

    • Carl says:

      Missed oppertunity, then he could stap his gift later too

  6. Christian Corpi says:

    Xyla: is an accomplished creator, pilot and inspiration to thousands of people worldwide


  7. Dan Hall says:

    Came for cool building videos, stayed for botal toat.

  8. svampebob007 says:

    Taking the “It’s the though that counts” saying to all new level here, especially from Colin.

  9. Shogun says:

    Your mothers’ response “Well we sent you to Chinese school” absolutely corpsed me. Your mother is awesome!

  10. Michael G says:

    One of the most thoughtful and creative gifts I’ve ever seen!

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