Giving My Shed a Tiny House Makeover!

Giving My Shed a Tiny House Makeover!

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42 Responses

  1. CarlyFittyyy says:

    Ryland: we need a place to talk where a tv isn’t the focal point

  2. Miguel says:

    “I haven’t left the house since 2019” MEEEEEEE

  3. King Julian says:

    “You literally stay inside all day” -Morgan.
    Little did she know we all would be staying inside all day…

  4. Lauren Priddy says:

    Shane: “when I shower I feel like I can conquer the world”

    Literally everyone:


  5. Maya Garcia says:

    Now Morgan has to do “Spending 24 hours in my brother’s podcast shed”

  6. Emma-Jane Pearson says:

    Petition for Ryland to transform a room in Jeffrees house👀

  7. Celeste mares says:

    “I thought I had herpes . . . but it was just rug burn” 🤣

  8. Jessica says:

    Morgan: “Thomas Edison walked, so this place could run”
    Me: **choked on my dinner**

  9. JK Sloan says:


    Shane: Wait no their equally attractive
    *bisexual things*

  10. Morgan Amburn says:

    “I didn’t know you were such a feminist” I’m crying 😂

  11. Anni E says:

    When their shed is bigger than my whole house where I live with four other people xD (This isn’t a complaint btw)

  12. Billy O Brien says:

    Imagine if he called the podcast ‘Ryland and Friends’ 🥺🥺

  13. Bethan Thomas says:

    *Ryland moving the machine*
    Everyone just stands and watches him struggle

  14. Nathaniel Lira says:

    morgan: “I fought someone at TJ Maxx for that blanket. I said my gay brother would love that!” I’ve never heard anything more accurate 💀

  15. Greta Xyz says:

    It’s annoying how everyone just stood there instead of helping Ryland move things

  16. Holly Brown says:

    Shane: “We need a urinal because my female trainer can’t pee outside.”

    Shane…. I think you might need to stop and do some math re: how girls pee…..

  17. Valersia GL says:

    My first thought when he showed us the shed :
    *”Damn that’s a big ass shed.”*

  18. Thors Wulf says:

    Ryland: “I’m getting an air conditioning unit”
    Me: “where’s the air conditioning unit?”

  19. prince carter says:

    who’s the cameraman? he doesn’t sound like andrew at all? wHAT DID I MISS

  20. Aaron says:

    *Morgan is literally the female version of Shane.*

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