Giving people a car, if they can fix it

Giving people a car, if they can fix it

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38 Responses

  1. Donut Media says:

    What car should we do next??

  2. Justin Arnold says:

    That clutch switch could have easily been an afternoon filled with explitives.

    • DeathlyWolf42 says:

      I put electrical tape over the hole in the clutch pedal to push down the switch, but my heater is stuck on, so the adhesive quickly melted, and the tape fell off.. my next solution was to buy a small bolt and nut to put through the hole, but that broke the switch entirely, so… I don’t need to push the clutch down at all to crank…….

    • Eulogy says:

      Literally only those who’ve had one go bad know about it, too, haha. Friend had a Volvo 245 where the piece shown was missing so they just glued the sensor to open (safety issue, but it car also has the ignition tied to a defrost button so no one was gonna steal that thing without knowledge anyway)

      Anyhow, their epoxy or glue or whatever failed one day and they spent hours trying to figure out why the car suddenly stopped cranking. I ended up asking about that switch finally failing entirely, they checked and it was just free finally. Little JB Weld and the junker is still rolling today.

    • DeathlyWolf42 says:

      @ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ well, it was whole, and fell off… But when I saw it, I dismissed it as a penny that was on the floorboard for some reason…

    • ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ says:

      It’s always the first thing I check, to make sure there’s not a pile of broken plastic bits in the driver side floorboard. Those little plastic bumpers in there always break apart into pieces and need to be replaced.

  3. Jacob Albers says:

    Hey Donut! Just wanted to thank y’all for getting me into cars. I was trying to, but all the car terms and stuff went way over my head. Thanks to y’all, I learned a lot. From one Kentuckian to another James, MO PAWAH BABY

  4. Andrew Stewart says:

    This was an awesome new series idea. Only thing I’d suggest is also have some other lifelines, like phone a friend or the ability to use a scan tool on a 1-to-10 time exchange.

  5. WALTERRIFIC says:

    How do you apply to get selected for one of these episodes? I don’t wanna apply, I’m not a doctor, but I have a friend who has fixed every mechanical problem of mine for years and I’d love to see him on the show.

    • Jack2421992 says:

      Probably through the Donut Underground membership which was probably selected among the members through their Discord

  6. Caleb EX says:

    Donut has some of the best car content out here. they do so many different videos and they’re always amazing

  7. BeFaLcon 94 says:

    I love how this is basically just giving away a car with extra steps. Like you guys hint the answer away its great 🙂

    • Pyr01 says:

      we want him to get the car

    • The Real Lamar Davis says:

      @Mark Coats shoot you beat me to it

    • The Real Lamar Davis says:

      @Cadger Christmas Light Show only problem w that is they can’t source parts fast enough and if it’s something like a grenaded piston or crank bearing there’s no way you’d actually be able to do it in an hour

    • Mark Coats says:

      @Alex R yeah, problem with that is unless they have a known good spare of every part on that car it’s going to take a while, the seller could lie about the cause of something, or big expensive parts like the ecu could be bad. Fixing up an old junker, or even a newer mechanics special is usually at least 4-5 days of work. Most of that time is waiting for parts though.

    • Alex R says:

      @Cadger Christmas Light Show that would be a really cool episode idea. They could probably pick up a few junkers from any number of scrap yards, do some basic compression tests, etc. to make sure they’re fixable and then have different people compete to fix them. I’d watch a few videos like that. In order to make it an actual prize though and not just the chore of now owning an old car that will need more work… they could give away whatever it costs to make the cars road-worthy again, like newer tires and brakes and filters etc.
      I just like seeing people fix stuff that’s old enough to be cheap enough that it’s something I can relate to. There’s no way I would have guessed the crank sensor or fuel pump itself on such a new car.. not without a scan tool anyway. 😅

  8. Chase Fenner says:

    The creativity in this channel is literally ENDLESS, stoked to be a subscriber an can’t wait for more content to come.

  9. justin wulf says:

    Y’all hit the gold mine again with this one I was on a rollercoaster of emotions watching it I’m crying tears of joy rn I can’t wait for the next episode.

  10. Henrike says:

    I love how they really give the car up for them. They give every hint possible for them to win. Donut really cares about people.

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