giving snakes there legs back.

giving snakes there legs back.

god made a misnake. The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:

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23 Responses

  1. I did a thing says:

    From snakes all over the world, Thankyou Allen Pan!

  2. Mar-Mole-Ade says:

    A few ideas for version 2.
    currently the way it walks resembles a turtle to me because of it’s stiff back wile walking. In order to gain speed, lizards arch their backs ide to side as they walk. Maybe if you could make the tube out of fabric on top of a mechanical spine, snakes could truly become the ultimate lifeform.

    • Keanine says:

      @Thomas W I have no idea how you would do that, maybe a mounted camera? Or maybe a weight sensor to see which side has the most pressure?

    • Thomas W says:

      A version two could also do with snake direction control. Based on the movement of the head, it could steer

  3. Ryan Renshaw says:

    “The snakes want their legs back!”
    “The Children yearn for the mines!”

  4. Michael Sai Cheong Lui says:

    Bringing the “Adding legs to a snake drawn on a canvas” to the next level.

  5. GreatStitchmaster says:

    Funny enough, the line “just like God never wanted” is pretty accurate, as in the Bible, God mentions how he removed the serpents legs and made it wiggle on its stomach

  6. Dallas Seeger says:

    I was originally thinking “a tail would help stabilize the walking”. However once I saw the snake pilot enter it’s mech suit, I realized “the snake already has a tail”.

  7. Big Burrito says:

    FINALLY!! Ever since I listened to the podcast, I’ve been waiting for this. Good job Allen Pan Snake Lover!

  8. ᴋᴏᴍᴏᴅᴏ says:

    That snake’s so cute! I honestly thought the tube would be flexible and perfect fit lol

  9. Cody Rewind says:

    *The snake finally coming through and being like “oh! What’s this” when moving was so so cute*

  10. Julian Savage says:

    uh oh, Nigel hit his maximum screen time on youtube for the year because of this video. Hopefully, we see him again next year

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