Giving Starbucks Employees $1,000 If They Spell My Name Right!

Giving Starbucks Employees $1,000 If They Spell My Name Right!

Today we went to different Starbucks locations and gave the workers $1,000 if they spelled our names right.. It wasn’t so easy..

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If you read this far down the description I love you

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39 Responses

  1. FaZe Rug says:

    Would you guys spell all those names right if you worked at Starbucks? (by the way the Brian with a ‘y’ comment was a JOKE. Anyone who’s named Brian is lit)

  2. Pink GamerGirl2 says:

    Literally I knew he was gonna say Gucci like come on we know you so well😭💀

  3. Vanessa Garcia says:

    U guys are such good people!👍🏼God bless u😇🙏🏻

  4. Amani Haddad says:

    Nahh man Anthony has be dead @11:44

    Faze Rug: You look like a Rihanna

    Anthony: I look like a fish 😂💀

  5. Emma Boles says:

    Faze:you look like a rihanna
    Anthony:i look like a fish

  6. ELITE FL3X says:

    You said Anthony’s name was maybach then u called him Anthony right after😂

  7. Zeke101 says:

    begging of the video: only IF they spell it correctly
    rest of video: they were nice! 200 tip!

  8. Cristiana Pelinari says:

    Can you bring mike back and maybe give him a phone WE LOVE MIKE

  9. CNCO.Content says:

    That Josh guy from Chick-Fil-A was fine af 😍🥰

  10. Christina Protic says:

    Amazing video Faze Rug! I like the guy who said “this is the best day at work ever” awww😄 you make people so happy.🤗

  11. ツBrenda says:

    Anybody thought the Chick-fil-A guy was cute (Josh)

  12. Newhopeclub X thevamps says:

    lol I think Brian just created a new trend.😂😂

  13. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    The urus one had me dying OMG thats was funny as hell🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Love you bro you are awesome

  14. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    If Papa Rug ever worked at Starbucks, I would LOVE to see him try and spell names. Haha.

  15. Potato Chip says:

    15:50 felt bad for my guy in the back. Sadly it wasn’t his lucky day.

  16. Alexandria Marie says:

    Papa Rug- “Felicia”..F-L 😂 I’m dead

  17. xd AdamPlays says:

    Alexis at Starbucks snatched the money and the counted the money
    Kind of rude NICE VIDEO RUG 🔥🔥🔥❤️

  18. Falconite says:

    10:20 she took it faster than my dad’s belt when he’s hitting me

  19. KK brothers TV says:

    10:21 she snatched the money 💵

    Like if agree?

  20. Ahmed .Q says:

    Bro do u know they have auto correct in the system I used to work at Starbucks 😂😂

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