Glass – Movie Review

Glass – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Glass, starring James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Anya Taylor-Joy, Sarah Paulson, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Treat Clark, Charlayne Woodard. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

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75 Responses

  1. kevin kirsch says:

    The more involved you become as a film maker not wanting to alienate yourself in the industry with bad reviews the less effective you are as a film critic not wanting to call a spade a spade. No 10 worst movies of 2018 made me worry because feelings get hurt when giving honesty in any review. U might as well work for collider at this point and join the club of ineffective movie reviewers. Make movies or be a movie critic, you cant be both

  2. Preston Rutherford says:

    Please keep using grades!

  3. Flightness Snowbirb says:

    Old System: Grades
    New System: Awarding films with yams

  4. SAVEMARTHA says:

    James McAvoy def deserve a nomination for this one … he gave his best performance EVER in glass!!! seriously!

  5. MisterDevos says:

    “The broken are the more evolved”

  6. Ghost Dog says:

    The point of being a critic is to be critical not sing kumbaya.

    • Sy Ali says:

      A lot of criticism would be spoiler territory and he usually does a separate video for that.

    • DtoTheE says:

      +Sy Ali I’m pretty sure that’s not what Ghost Dog and a lot of others mean lol

    • Brandon quintero says:

      Yeah but hes scared of coming off pretentious lol I already think he is, so idk why he’s trying to sit on the fence. Just be how you are

    • Sy Ali says:

      +DtoTheE I am talking about this movie specifically. The bashing if needed done, require talking about things in-depth. It can’t be in this format. It has to be a spoiler review.

    • Sy Ali says:

      +Brandon quintero This movie is weird. He is not on the fence, he honestly need time with it.

  7. BaronVonBielski says:

    I think having Bruce Willis sidelined was the point, he had his movie. Mcavoy had his movie. This is called glass for a reason.

    • Mario Habijanec says:

      But McAvoy again had a dominati g role in this movie, just like in his own movie. It wasn’t a perfectly balanced movie

    • Sy Ali says:

      +Mario Habijanec To me, balance goes beyond screen time, it is more about the impact the character has on the story in its entirety

    • MaxKCool says:

      No character should be sidelined though, it’s not a question of which has the spotlight, it’s just a question of what makes characters interesting and useful to the plot. By sidelining such an important character, it takes away from the plot. Just because Spiderman is about Spiderman doesn’t mean aunt may shouldn’t matter. I think this argument is just bad logic

  8. Ghost Dog says:

    Im becoming disenchanted with your lackadaisical reviewing since you became a real critic and filmmaker

  9. Madelyn Blaze says:

    Chris, have you noticed that you’ve gotten a LOT more negative and nit-pickey within the last year or so? I love you, man, so take my suggestion from that place – you need to take a break from reviewing movies for a while. Slide your wife in with you and then let her do the reviews while you take a break and refresh your sense of wonder.
    This negativity happens with every reviewer I’ve ever followed, and unless they take a break it ends up sucking the life out of their reviews, they end up only half watching many movies (especially ones they didn’t want to see to begin with), and then they just suck.
    Through 2017 I told everyone that you were the only reviewer whose opinion I gave a damn about because you were always fair and tried to find at least something positive about every movie you watched, unless it was a complete piece of shit. I found myself avoiding your reviews this last summer because it almost felt like you and I were watching different movies. Now, I don’t want to unsubscribe, but…
    Do you think that maybe the film classes are skewing your point of view? I know you were going to start them, so I’d like to hold on to that as a possibility rather than anything else. Hit me back if you take exception with my analysis, especially since I’m only one person, and I still value your opinion.

  10. IncorporatedOps says:

    Chris is giving this a C+. I’m calling it.

  11. TF StopMotionator Productions says:

    This is the sam raimi trilogy all over again..

    • Feline Fatale says:

      “Glass” does feel like the “Army of Darkness” of this series.

    • PantheRed says:

      Sam Reimi didn’t have the fault for SM3’s fails. Avi Arad is the sole responsable for that.
      In this case, Shyamalan himself is the one who fucked it up

    • Nicolaj Vangsgaard says:

      No cause unbreakable is much better than split. And spiderman two is much better than 1

    • Battle Rifle says:

      You can actually say the Spiderman is one of those rare movies that alot of people rate the sequel better than the original when the original was excellent . Like Terminator, Toy Story, Godfather, B2TF, How to train your dragon, etc.

      The Unbreakable Trilogy has good movies but two alot of people Split is not as good as unbreakable.

    • Nicolaj Vangsgaard says:

      +Battle Rifle Well actually godfather 1 is considered the most to be better than the second. I used 2 days of research and calculation to find the top 15 greatest movies of all time. Godfather got second and godfather 2 got third. But yes the second is considered by many to be better but the first is the highest rated and ranked

  12. Raymond Watt says:

    The only movie Roger Ebert decided not to give a rating was the first Human Centipede.

  13. krunal11127 says:

    They should have kept James Newton Howard
    music from unbreakable

  14. AngryGinger says:

    I hope you dont stop grading movies. I like having a letter grade to tie to the review, especially because sometimes Im not entirely sure how you felt about the movie based on the review, but then the grade clears it up for me. Like this movie for example, I have absolutely no idea what grade youre going to give it and I really wanna know.

    • Sy Ali says:

      Wow, an actual civil comment against his notion. I kinda get what you mean but I am team NoGrade. The letters have been nice but some people are abusing it, skipping to the end as if none of what he said really mattered. And a grade is just a reflection of what he already reviewed, so why bother?

    • T N says:

      Sy Ali its a good summary of the review itself, his critiques and commentary sometimes arent enough or too vague to understand how he really felt about the movie. It gives a specific rating to something and gives us something to compare one movie from another so we know if he liked interstellar or inglorious bastards more, etc. without grades we wont know how much he really liked a movie in comparison to others, just a general idea of how he felt.

  15. Robert Ayotte says:

    I love you man but youve become way more monotone and sad. It seems like your enthusiasm for movies has gone down in the past few months.

    • ALN says:

      More like since 2017 i have been noticing since then just now is getting little worse and people here shouldn’t ‘defend’ Chris or explain about guy’s personal life wich you don’t know nothing about.
      It’s very obvious that Chris has lost a lot of his passion now he just seems like he’s forced to do this reviews not like before when it felt just natural

    • SpymanTIVC says:

      I think he’s more careful and very selective about what he can say because he’s in film school now and trying to get into the industry someday. The struggle of being a filmaker become more real and saying bad shit is just gonna fire back at him

    • SuperAvocado says:

      I think the difference is that now he’s reviewing the movies from a filmmaker point of view, while before he used to review the movies from a normal audience point of view.

    • Kaz says:

      Love this comment.

    • Coaster Crazy says:

      Ive noticed this too ????

  16. J N says:

    Will you review the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie ?

  17. Sotnas says:

    I’m really getting the feeling that Chris will be quitting reviewing soon to focus on filmmaking.

    • solarplexus7 says:

      The grades move plus not wanting to do a Worst Of 2018 is pretty telling. He doesn’t want to alienate anyone he may end up working with.

    • gay tekken champion 1991 says:

      +solarplexus7 I think he has just gained a new outlook on movies and critique especially now he is taking film school and his career as a film maker more seriously, it’s no big deal. Grading systems are not necessary anyways, nothing wrong with actually listening to a review and the reasoning rather than skipping to the end. I feel like movies are way more than just ”that was a 7/10”, because like many movies I’ve seen and Stuckmann has probably reviewed, there are things in these movies that transcend just a rating, like Interstellar. Stuckmann gave it a B I recall, but he saw it like 4 times and it made a bigger impression on him each time, showing that its the content of the movie that can evolve into something worse or better, showing that goes against a very concrete rating

    • Joey Bingham says:

      Sotnas wouldnt be surprised hes turned into a bitter artsy snob

    • Nick Thompson says:

      Jeremy Alexander dick rider

    • Ashutosh Nayak says:

      I really hope he does

  18. Arthur Morgan says:

    Don’t get rid of grades. Nooooooo

    • Dave Antics says:

      Aww yer alright boah

    • Movie and Game reviews says:

      Arthur Morgan It makes people actually watch the full review instead of just reading the comments. In my opinion, Chris ending grades would be brilliant.

    • Kush Patil says:

      +mikejunior211 he has become the very thing he swore to destroy

    • Nick Thompson says:

      Jeremy Alexander sound like a stuckman dick rider

    • Peter Knagge says:

      I will watch _Glass_ with hesitation. I thought _Unbreakable_ was a great film but I agree with other critics the end sucks. _Unbreakable_ has flat two-dimensional characters, no one is all good or all bad. Which is why I like a movie like _Brawl in Cell Block 99_ more. _Brawl in Cell Block 99_ also has flat two-dimensional characters but they operate in a three-dimensional universe. _Brawl in Cell Block 99_ is like a Shakespearean play and works on multiple hidden levels. Which is why I think _Brawl in Cell Block 99_ is a superior piece of art. _Brawl in Cell Block 99_ has power where _Unbreakable_ doesn’t. I think Chris should’ve swapped the grades for these movies.
      I am also hesitant of grades and rating systems, and I think they are clumbersome to use, and an insult to the intelligence. Especially for Chris who has been reviewing movies for so many years.

  19. Sara Villarreal says:

    Im having trouble finishing this review because Chris sounds sooo uninterested.

  20. Shane Arnold says:

    Chris has really gone downhill lately and it’s pretty sad. I’ve been subscribed since 2011 when he did the Indiana Jones reviews with the Schmoes Know and Jeremy Jahns and I’ve been here ever since, and it was an amazing ride for the next few years as he in popularity and more people became Stuckmannized. His reviews got more fun, his style became more defined, his critiques became better, and as a content creator it was great to see him really thrive. When he did things like the Hilariocities and Halloween Specials it was a nice break from the usual, and his commentaries with horror and action movies and movie audiences were spot on. Lately, though, it seems like he’s lost the love for film he had, and he’s become a lot more cold and cynical with his presentation. In the past, his lack of activity in the comments section and oversensitivity to criticism (like c’mon, the Batman v Superman script debacle was bad enough but when you get heated about Rich Evans making a joke about you it’s time to do some reflecting) were little idiosyncrasies that any person has, but with this newer air to his channel of the impersonal and cold creator he is now, it feels like he thinks he’s going about the film life like his opinion is the only one that matters. If he had a defined opinion, that’d be okay but things like his review here are so wishy-washy that they don’t even merit a view. His reviewing of just the big blockbusters for views and cash has essentially turned him into a less personal Jahns, and Chris was always great because he talked about lesser-known movies like The Babadook in depth rather than catering to the lowest common denominator. Because of that, and his pursuing of his own career in film, it seems like his heart’s not in it anymore and he’d rather go on to bigger things. So, after almost eight years here, I’m out. I’ll always be thankful for how Chris’s content was, and how it helped me through some really rough patches in life, but it’s clear he’s outgrown the YouTube life, and while I hope he does great where he winds up I think it’s time to leave. See ya later, Chris. Thanks for the great memories.

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