Glenn Close And Stephen Act Without Words

Glenn Close And Stephen Act Without Words

Stephen and the Oscar-nominated star of ‘The Wife,’ Glenn Close, act out prompts using only facial expressions in a game called ‘Up Close with Glenn Close.’

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46 Responses

  1. Christy Beck says:

    Wow she’s amazing. This made me smile from ear to ear. Glenn’s laugh is infectious too!

  2. New Message says:

    He’d never have the metal to resist eventually giving the correction…. I’m as sure of that as I am that Bilbo Baggins was a gnome!

  3. tennis89insomniac says:

    Give Glen Close the goddamned Oscar already!

  4. Paige Mangubat says:

    If she doesn’t win that Oscar, I am boycotting the Oscars for life. Like they’d care, but still. Lol

  5. TheStarkster says:

    It’s so befitting she has such enormous artistic talent. It was a culmination of three generations of talented women finally being realised.

  6. osiris Blanche says:

    She seems like A LOT of fun to hang out with! That last bit’s Hilarious! ?

  7. Arctic Ocean says:

    Fatal attraction will always gave men the chill when they have any desire to cheat on their wife……Glen Close is that powerful as a spooky destructive temptress. ?

  8. prince says:

    Can’t believe this extraordinary legendary actress hasn’t got an Oscar. What you doing Oscars?

    • prince says:

      +Mega MovieZ they’ll probably give it to lady gaga..

    • T Electronix says:

      If she ever gains EGOT status she will leave the earth and ascend to a higher plane of existence.

      She needs to stay here, dammit!

    • Mega MovieZ says:

      +prince Idk if Close wins the BAFTA she’ll win the Oscar as she’s won every other award. She could be like Gary Oldman from Darkest Hour this year.

    • m. mck says:

      +prince GAGA is good but way over rated in acting on the movie she is in.
      Glen Close has a wonderful history & career in this field and has earned the Oscar, good luck Dear Glenn.

    • OneKindWord says:

      +T Electronix What is EGOT status?

  9. nikkos34 says:

    If she doesn’t win the Oscar this year I quit watching the Oscars !

  10. Peak Hawking says:

    Brilliant… Acting is so good & they’re having genuine fun, it is amazing. Great show.

  11. TheDCDenizen says:

    I’ve always loved Glenn Close’s work. In addition to her movies, I thought her acting was incredible in “Damages.”

    • Caitlin Foster says:

      I loved Damages! Amazing show!

    • Volvican says:

      She scared me more in that role than the one in Fatal Attraction. She was just so cold-blooded.

    • * * says:

      OMG… anyone who hasn’t seen Damages, but enjoys Glen Close… You’re doing yourself a disservice. She’s absolutely breathtaking. Shit…I may just start the whole show over and watch it start to finish in celebration of her Oscar win next Sunday. Best performance of her career.

    • T Electronix says:

      Damages was incredible (at least the first two seasons).

      Lily Tomlin, Martin Short, Ted Danson – ALL showing their serious dramatic acting chops (just trying to up their game to Close’s level 🙂 )

    • Patsy Bailey says:

      OMG DAMAGES YES!!! *sprints to old DVD box set* *prob won’t get sleep this night*

  12. Edwina Godwin says:

    The Wife was an excellent movie. She does deserve an award!! The other actresses that got nominated were good as well. But Glenn was outstanding!

  13. hironyx says:

    i would love to see them play the same game again, but with glenn close and meryl streep

  14. sevenirises says:

    That was so much fun to watch! What a great interview with two such talented people. Love them both.

  15. test channel 01 says:

    her acting face in some scenes of this movie FREAKING amazing.

  16. Madame Chairwoman says:

    Fantastic interview, Stephen! Ms. Close is amazing at her craft. The Academy, get it right and award her accordingly. She’s this year’s best actress and you know it. ?

  17. Ian Brooke says:

    It’s hard to believe that this phenomenal actor has yet to receive an Oscar. Such an elegant, funny and charming lady.

  18. yashiWinchester says:

    I love that Stephen blushes at the one where he has to act flirtatiously. ?❤️

  19. Ouranus says:

    Give her the Oscar. All of them.

  20. Shara -La says:

    Woman whose contribution got unrecognized: Mileva Maric – scientist, first wife of Albert Einstein.

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