Glenn Frey — Eagles Guitarist Dead At 67

Glenn Frey — Eagles Guitarist Dead At 67

Glenn Frey, a founding member of the rock legends the Eagles, has died from an intestinal condition, the band said Monday.

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20 Responses

  1. Libor Fazer says:

    So sad… so sad :o(. Glenn, thanks for the unforget nice music. Rest In

  2. Ee J says:

    Very sad. I have had RA since I was 17 and it doesn’t get any better as you
    age. Glenn is gone but through memories and all the music he is still very
    much with us. Rest in peace buddy, you did great!

  3. Sinful Hair Salon says:

    RIP Glen

  4. Dustin Rodgers says:


  5. joleedupree63 says:

    Finally The EAGLES Are Officially No More.My Heart Mourns Over The Loss Of
    Glenn Frey.

  6. Builder99 says:

    Hell of a painful way to died…Glad he is not hurting anymore…Glenn
    Could write, play the music and sing it very well…Just sad news…RIP

  7. John carlos amado says:

    good bye ! glenn

  8. Dwayne Wladyka says:

    Rest In Peace Glenn Frey.

  9. Siddarth Kariholoo says:

    What a loss….

  10. Frank Angelo says:

    R.I.P Glenn Frey

  11. Efil Rekib says:

    He is just off to the party with Lemmy, Phil, Fraser & Bowie.

  12. MasterTapes1960 says:

    We lost David Bowie and now Glenn Frey another sad day in rock n roll
    music. May you rest in peace my friend.

  13. monika harris says:

    I found myself crying really hard today after hearing about the loss of
    Glenn Fry ! ! I’ve been fortunate to see them several times over the years
    , but the first time was the long awaited reunion 1994 ” Hell Freezes Over
    Tour ” – The Eagles are the soundtrack of mine and many others lives !
    My heart aches for his family and his comrades , how they must now move
    forward ! This really fucking stinks ! 67 years old is too young still !
    So many , many great memories in my life and I’m thankful that The Eagles
    were a beautiful backdrop !! RIP GLENN …..

  14. Teresa Zaragoza says:

    it’s been a heartache tonight just hearing about his passing. love you

  15. Luigi Tondelli says:

    RIP Glenn

  16. shelley bailey says:

    Heaven got one of our greats today! Thank you Glenn for a lifetime of
    music! Im crying over this loss!

  17. Marius - Paul Munteanu says:


  18. davefistr says:

    Wow !!! RIP mate , we always will play your great music !!!!! never for get
    you !!! EAGLES WHERE THE BEST !!!

  19. 윤준석 says:

    I still remember their reunite Hell Freeze Over live concert in 1994 at the
    moment and especially the songs ” The girl from yesterday” “Tequilla
    Sunrise” “Take it easy” were originated from his incredible, sweet voice
    ability.Once again, Great artist finally left us even though there are
    still so many things he should make the masterpiece at the age of 69. After
    all, we live in an ironic world which always take the great men so early! –
    From Korea -

  20. angela yates says:

    didn’t think it could get any worse, but here it is, we grew up on this
    mans music, had the best times with his music, it was the best concert I
    had ever been to, sang every song. he is going to be missed soooo very
    much, he touched my life in so many ways. R.I.P, Glen, see you later