Glenn Youngkin: ‘We will change the trajectory of this Commonwealth’

Glenn Youngkin: ‘We will change the trajectory of this Commonwealth’

Republican former business executive Glenn Youngkin has won Virginia’s governor’s race, a major political turnabout in a state that had been trending increasingly blue.

“Together we will change the trajectory of this Commonwealth,” the 54-year-old political newcomer told a crowd of supporters early Wednesday. “And friends, we are going to start that transformation on day one. There is no time to waste.”

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54 Responses

  1. José Manuel dos Santos says:

    Congrats, and the Blessings of the Lord, Hallelujah!

    • RowStone says:

      Winners! You know the losers.

    • DestinytoYeshua says:

      @Martin Dean you shouldn’t mock our father in heaven. But hasn’t your side always say God doesn’t exist??? Hmm. You as well shouldn’t use God when it fits your agenda for he will hold you to account. But I will pray for you to wipe the scales from your eyes. 🙏

    • Sonny D. says:

      Yes, He made FJB president for us to see the worst of leftist politics

    • RowStone says:

      @Sonny D. And censorship. This one sight changes the like and dislikes. It’s cheating.

    • Estee Mikhael says:

      @Martin Dean you maybe right; LoL; once upon a time God made nimrod to rule over one kingdom; nimrod spoke gibberish and all his followers like Dems; also spoken gibberish; and God sow their woke madness he wipe them off the map ;lol

  2. Spartan 2021 says:

    Telling parents they shouldn’t have a say in their kids education is not a good thing when running for governor…..congrats YOUNGKIN

    • V for Wombat says:

      “Telling parents they shouldn’t have a say in their kids education”
      he said the government decides the curriculum.not the parents.
      which is true.
      still a stupid thing to say.
      because it’s…politically incorrect.
      and we all know how oppl hate folks who are politically incorrect.

    • M&S BLADES says:

      @Max Power I’m sure they cheated again but didn’t print enough ballots. Wasn’t expecting the turn out

    • Karl Palm says:

      Go VA!
      Let’s go Brandon!

    • V for Wombat says:

      @M&S BLADES “I’m sure they cheated again but didn’t print enough ballots. ‘
      if they had the organization to have millions and ,millions of extra votes for Biden, then they would have made sure they had a few extra for VA.
      god, you ppl.
      this election proves 2020 wasn’t rigged.

      thanks Youngkin!

    • Erik Norman says:

      @V for Wombat okay potato supporter….

  3. I Violanti says:

    YES! America is Standing for ALL our people of this great nation.. WE ARE THE PEOPLE

    • Randall Hill says:

      Cut taxes and invest! That’s why the rest of the country laughs at Virginia! Know one wants to live in Virginia lol.

    • lilith horvath says:

      @Zwhs Antwnopoylos – poor boy. bleating big again… I wonder what the anciet greeks would think about a loser like you, voting cattle without a trace of values or even a hint of character or personal dignity.
      cry about your libertarianism when you apply for public welfare – ayn rand leads your way…

    • Zwhs Antwnopoylos says:

      @lilith horvath I know exactly what ancient Greeks would think of me. Aristotle would be proud but he would consider you a man fit to be a slave. You should bother reading Aristotle and Plato ,many of your questions will be answered

    • lilith horvath says:

      @Zwhs Antwnopoylos dummy boy – you aren’t even able to differenciate between genders…
      and old aristotles must have known your kind very well:

      Just as man in his perfection is the noblest of all creatures, so, torn from law and justice, he is the worst of all.

      maybe you should try the rocket science thingie – at least after you found out about the difference between women and men…

    • Zwhs Antwnopoylos says:

      @lilith horvath You are not making any sense whatsoever. You lost the ” debate ” and now you comment nonsense. Also , it’s not my ” side ” that doesn’t understand genders. It’s the liberals that tend to ” complicate ” things

  4. Commonsense Living says:

    We need a Youngkin in California to boot out Newson who stinks like bad fish! Congrats Governor Youngkin. We’ve been praying for this victory for VA and for the rest of America. May God be glorified in this!

  5. Horse2021 says:

    May divine blessings and protection surround this man.

  6. deenibeeniable says:

    I’m always blown away by his high energy. I don’t think we’ll see him falling asleep on camera any time soon.

    • Gavin Jones says:

      What NO More ” And that’s sleepy Joe he’s a snoring
      Sweetly though at the

    • Anita Kysor says:

      And no face diaper….yeah…

    • V for Wombat says:

      @New Beginnings “and quite frankly I think it’s snake oil.”
      that’s because you don’t believe in science.

      but let’s put a pin in that.
      we should switch to green energy and reduce emissions even if global warming isn’t real and/or manmade.
      because carbon energy kills tens of thousands of americans every year.
      it’s dirty and dangerous.

      and gives much more power to giant energy corporations.
      switching to green saves lives and allows ppl AND nations to be energy independent.

    • Sandy McPartlon says:

      @Curtis Jeffries Ageist much. Our President is decent, honorable and competent. GQP has done its all to undermine/block him from advancing his agenda. I’m worried about democracy surviving.

    • Sandy McPartlon says:

      @Frank Rosemeck Genuine? Trumpkin but don’t let anyone see him with DT. Scammed VA

  7. Lennis01 says:

    This guy speaks with real passion. It may just light a fire with all Americans.

  8. A. Flabbergast says:

    A step in the right direction for Virginia, USA and the world at large. Let’s go Brandon!

    • John Godley says:

      Flabbergasted and delusional, we in Europe do not need your money driven wealthy
      politicians, who after they are voted in show their true colours.

    • covercalls88 says:

      Can’t wait to see how the Democrats will try to steal the election.

    • IMGoldenSpyder says:

      @John Godley We don’t need them here in the US either.

    • Flowers inherhair says:

      @John Godley We don’t honestly care that much about what Europe thinks of our state elections. But thanks for weighing in for your entire continent.

  9. Alisha Shelman says:

    Often as an African American you’re taught if your black you vote democratic, for years I believed that until I got older and was able to think for myself. Before I think of my race I think of my relationship with Christ and I choose to vote for someone who share some of my same convictions. Glad Youngkin won.

    • Solomon ecclesia says:

      As an African American, I’ve voted Republican since 1980. My parents taught their children to think for themselves, work hard, no one is better than you, you are no better than anyone else, get an education either technical or formal or both. Learn to take care of yourself first so you can then take care of your loved ones. Will there be obstacles? Yes, you can overcome them. Most of all develop a living faith and vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus. I have held true to what my parents taught us. I’m proud of Virginia after last night. Hope is still alive!

    • pajamash says:

      Thank you for voting based on the merits of the candidate as opposed to voting based in their race!!! We all need to vote this way and we wont have the problems we see today.

    • Free Speech says:

      @D Scott you and your family were not slaves . And now you are an american who is free to do what you want

    • D Scott says:

      @Free Speech that is because so called African Americans fought their rights even after a civil war. If the south had won African Americans would still be enslaved

    • JR Star says:

      @Alisha Shelman, as a black male from Texas, I grew up through church and school to always vote democratic. But watching section eight areas in my community never change, I knew my peoples futures weren’t social welfare and government housing in crime gang control area’s in the shadow’s of Dallas,Tx. Congrats to the first person of color (press won’t mention her) Winsome Sears on being elected as Lt. Governor.

  10. Peter Stark says:

    The speech is all about optimism and positivity. Not filled with negativity, blame, hate, pandering and divisiveness. Good job Virginians!

    • Cary Parkes says:

      You said it Pete Stark! He’s the opposite of Trump! We’ll done Virginia 👍

    • Sandy McPartlon says:

      @Cary Parkes he is Trump but has 400 million in his personal pocket while DT is broke

    • Che Lo says:

      Hopefully continuing to support what works will change the direction our country’s been heading in! I hear you

    • Charlie Beckwith says:

      I’m not white and I’m not American, although I do know and understand the Western society quite well. Here’s the thing I’ve learnt: your democrats want to uproot and turn everything on its head, and although in many cases it can be a good thing, in a lot more cases it’s ABSOLUTELY NOT. If you read up on what a Rep. Gov. win represents, you understand quite easily that democrats are very much lost about what is good for your country. Although yes, mainstream republicans can be a bunch of boneheads, they will not nearly be as destructive as the democrats. Personally, I would reform the Libertarian party and go with them in an ideal scenario.

    • Lucille Jerome says:

      @Cary Parkes Why even bring in Trump – he’s in the past, no need for that. Time for new beginnings without stupid democrats and republicans vying for each others attention and forgetting us – the people. Good job Virginians!

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